Best Meal Delivery Services for New Moms 2021

    New moms face a never-ending to-do list and have huge demands placed on their time, meaning it can be tough to find time outside of cooking. That’s why our team of expert foodies has done the work for you and tracked down the best meal delivery services. Read on to discover our top picks for new moms.

    Best Meal Delivery Services for New Moms 2021
    Written By: Kazi

    Proper nutrition is important for all of us, but especially so for new moms and breastfeeding mothers. However, making sure you get a balanced diet that includes all of your daily recommended allowances of vitamins and minerals can be harder than you think. 

    Meal delivery services are a great way to ensure you get healthy, nutritious ingredients in your diet, and many platforms can take a lot of the stress out of meal prep. Plus, you’ll get the added convenience of not having to make long trips to the grocery store with your new baby and can have all of your meals and ingredients delivered to your door. 

    In our list below, we’ve covered both prepared meals and meal kits to help you make the most informed decision.

    Overall Best Prepared Meal Service for New Moms
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

    Overall Best Meal Kit Service for New Moms
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

    Overall Best Prepared Meal Service for New Moms
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

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    Starting price

    $8.49 / per serving
    • 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week
    • Cooked in under three minutes
    • Shipping varies based on location
    • Traditional home cooking
    • Gluten-free and no refined sugars
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Keto Keto
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    Overall Best Meal Kit Service for New Moms
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

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    Starting price

    $7.49 / per serving
    • Choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 meals per week for 2 or 4 people
    • Meals ready in 20 - 60 minutes
    • $8.99 shipping
    • Veggie, family-friendly, and calorie smart options
    • Gourmet Meals Gourmet Meals
    • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    • Plant Based Plant Based
    • Low Carb Low Carb
    • Low Calorie Low Calorie
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    The Factors We Use to Rank Top Meal Service Providers for New Moms

    • Prep and cook time– We understand that time is by far the most valuable resource a new mom can have. We’ve tracked down some of the most convenient services we could find, including a batch of the best-prepared meals as well as meal kits that don’t require too much effort

    • Sample meals– Just because you’re a busy new mom doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with bland meals every day. We’ve picked the providers that cater to a large variety of dietary requirements and cuisines

    • Average meal price – An important consideration for lots of new moms is balancing a tight budget. We’ve tried to keep the prices on our list towards the low to mid-range, but you’ll find a couple of more expensive options so you don’t miss out on the gourmet experience either

    • Weekly meal options– We always rank the services we find on how many options are on offer each week. Flexibility is the name of the game here and we only choose platforms that offer you freedom of choice

    How Do Prepared Meals for New Moms and Meal Kits Work?

    • Prepared meals– With prepared meals, all of the hard work has been done for you. The delivery platform has cooked your dishes from fresh ingredients before either chilling or freezing them and shipping them out to you. This will probably be where new moms turn to first as it’s by far the most convenient type of service and the meals can taste just as good as kits

    • Meal kits– When you choose a meal kit you’ll be doing all of the cooking yourself, making them a great option if you love to cook or are looking to learn a new skill or simply relax. Ingredients will be delivered fresh so you’ll need to get everything used up within a week, but there’s nothing stopping you from freezing any leftovers for later

    Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services for New Moms for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Freshly

    Freshly’s meals are simple, tasty, nutritious, and can be prepped in just a few minutes. New moms can cover up to 12 meals each week allowing them the flexibility to plan meal times around their busy schedules.

    Good for… Convenience
    Not good for… Big, filling meals. Portion sizes might be a little small for some. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but there are other services for those that like generous meal sizes.
    Avg. Meal Price $9.99
    Prep & Cook Time Just a few minutes
    Shipping Cost Varies based on location
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Cauliflower shell beef bolognese
    • Savory sweet chicken teriyaki bowl
    • Pork chop saltimbocca

    Each of Freshly’s meals is designed to serve just one person, which means it’s flexible enough for both single moms and couples to order.

    The Bottom Line

    Nutritious meals don’t come much more convenient than Freshly. With around 30 dishes to pick from each week, new moms are spoiled for choice.

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    2. Splendid Spoon

    Splendid Spoon offers 100% plant-based, high protein, high fiber, low fat, and low sugar meals. A lot of care and attention has gone into getting the right nutritional balance here and you can supplement your meals with some excellent smoothies.

    Good for… Vegans
    Not good for… Carnivores. The fully plant-based diet means this isn’t one for meat-eaters.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.99
    Prep & Cook Time 2 - 5 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Aloo gobi quinoa bowl
    • Cuman sweet potatoes with cashews and cilantro
    • Ikarian stew with black-eyed peas

    Splendid Spoon is famous for its extensive range of refreshing smoothies. With flavors like mango guava, mint chip, and strawberry goji you can really liven up mealtimes.

    The Bottom Line

    Splendid Spoon is the easiest way for new moms to get a diet packed with nutritious fruit, veg, and nuts. All with the added convenience of just two minutes of prep time.

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    3. BistroMD

    BistroMD’s meals have been created by a team of expert doctors and nutritionists. The service allows new moms to get all the nutrition they need without having to worry about calorie-counting or constantly checking the ingredients.

    Good for… Strict dieters
    Not good for… Those that prefer organic ingredients. As a large, nationwide provider, BistroMD doesn’t have as much organic or locally sourced produce as its rivals.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.99
    Prep & Cook Time 2 - 5 minutes
    Shipping Cost $19.95
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Jamaican style black pepper shrimp
    • Fisherman’s seafood stew
    • Apple cinnamon oatmeal with scrambled eggs

    Encouraging healthy habits is key here and you’ll find some very specific diets related to heart health, diabetics, and gluten-free too.

    The Bottom Line

    BistroMD is a good choice for new moms with no free time. The service offers 150 dishes to choose from and can cover every single meal of the week for you without the stress of meal prep.

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    4. Veestro

    Veestro is a little more expensive than other platforms but offers a much more flexible a la carte service. All meals are vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, soy-free, and high protein options are available too.

    Good for… Vegans and vegetarians
    Not good for… Exoctic dishes. Veestro keeps its dishes simple and filling, which means some meals can lack the wow factor we see at more gourmet platforms.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.80
    Prep & Cook Time 2 - 5 minutes
    Shipping Cost $10
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Red curry with tofu
    • Golden chickpea stew
    • Ultimate veggie wrap

    If the a la carte menu doesn’t take your fancy, you can try Veestro’s weight-loss program which offers five or seven-day plans.

    The Bottom Line

    Veestro offers a lot of freedom for moms who will love being able to purchase meals as and when they need them. Plus, you can freeze dishes for later if you have sudden schedule changes.

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    5. Factor 75

    Factor 75 is dedicated to good nutrition and caters to nine different diet types including paleo, keto, vegetarian and low-carb.

    Good for… Busy people that want to get healthy meals into their diets
    Not good for… Moms on a budget. Factor 75 is the most expensive prepared service on our list. However, it does represent a step up in quality and meal variety.
    Avg. Meal Price $12.50
    Prep & Cook Time Two - Five minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Pork tenderloin with a cabbage casserole
    • Salmon with roasted mango salsa Taco bowl
    • Black pepper chicken with potato leek hash

    All meals are gluten-free and the platform caters to several allergies.

    The Bottom Line

    With so many menu items to pick from and nine specific dietary needs covered, Factor 75 offers up a tasty service.

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    Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Moms for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Hello Fresh

    Hello Fresh is the king of meal kit delivery in America and its market dominance shows no sign of slowing down. Reasonable pricing, good meal variety, and consistently fresh ingredients make this a popular choice.

    Good for… Couples
    Not good for… Packaging. Your meals come delivered with quite a lot of bulky packaging. While the majority is recyclable, it’s still a chore to sort through the waste.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 60 minute meal kits
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Crispy skin chicken breast
    • Thai larb style pork salad
    • Penne ragu al Forno

    Hello Fresh is probably the best meal kit for total novices learning how to cook. There are countless stories of customers developing valuable skills and starting a whole new lifestyle.

    The Bottom Line

    We’ve never been let down by Hello Fresh and its ever-expanding weekly menu now has 40 rotating options to pick from.

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    2. HungryRoot

    Perfect for new moms with busy schedules, HungryRoot is an online grocery service with more than 3,000 ingredients. You’ll never need the supermarket again and can rustle up hundreds of dishes from the platform’s extensive menu.

    Good for… Flexibility and variety
    Not good for… Quick changes. The grace period for making changes to your grocery selection is very short, so make sure you make any amendments well before the deadline.
    Avg. Meal Price $9.99
    Prep & Cook Time 10 - 20 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Thai peanut kohlrabi noodles with green
    • Tofu and rainbow veggie lentil dhal
    • Simple Nicoise salad

    With so many groceries to choose from just about every dietary requirement is met here. Including vegan, soy-free, pescetarian, and dairy-free, to name a few.

    The Bottom Line

    New moms are going to love the flexibility offered at HungryRoot and the ability to pick and choose only the groceries they need without ever having to go to the supermarket is a big plus.

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    3. Blue Apron

    Blue Apron uses hormone-free meats, no GMOs, and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. New moms can be safe in the knowledge they’re getting fresh, healthy produce.

    Good for… Gourmet options
    Not good for… Specialist diets. You won’t be able to sustain a long-term paleo, keto, or vegan diet here.
    Avg. Meal Price $9.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 50 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free shipping for those ordering more than three meals per week
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Baked tofu and creamy cashew korma
    • Calabrian beef and gnocchi
    • Grilled chicken and fingerling potatoes

    Watch out for smaller orders as these might incur additional shipping charges. Blue Apron is better off for bulk orders.

    The Bottom Line

    Blue Apron is known for its consistently high-quality meals, often compared to restaurant standards, and customers can enjoy some exciting weekly variations.

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    4. Gobble

    The ultimate time-saver for new moms, Gobble offers a rich menu of meals that can be prepped in just 15 minutes.

    Good for… Time-savers
    Not good for… Budget shoppers. At $13.99 per meal Gobble isn’t the cheapest around, but many are happy to pay for the added convenience.
    Avg. Meal Price $13.99
    Prep & Cook Time 15 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free shipping
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Palak Paneer with Edamame & Garam Masala Basmati Rice
    • Southwestern Cauliflower Crunch Salad with Avocado & Jalapeno Ranch

    Gobble has pioneered ‘one-pan’ cooking meaning this is the only piece of equipment you’ll need to get started, making it great for novices.

    The Bottom Line

    Quick prep times, a good mix of home-cooking and international meals, and fun little extras like artisanal waffles and hazelnut gianduja cake make Gobble an attractive choice.

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    5. Dinnerly

    Dinnerly regularly makes our top picks because it’s the best budget meal kit service by a long way. Cook fresh, flavorful dishes for a lower cost than the grocery store.

    Good for… Moms on a budget
    Not good for… Full kits. You’ll need to provide little extras like oil, eggs, and seasonings, so make sure you’ve got your pantry stocked with the basics.
    Avg. Meal Price $4.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions West coast, the midwest, and across the southern US
    Sample Meals
    • Tuscan chicken
    • One-pot tortellini florentine
    • Mongolian beef and broccoli

    Dinnerly claims to be one of the few platforms that cater to picky eaters. You’ll find a host of family favorites alongside new twists on old classics.

    The Bottom Line

    You really can’t argue with the price at Dinnerly and it’s a no-brainer choice for new moms trying to stick to a budget.

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    How to Choose the Best Meal Delivery Service for Moms

    • Convenience – Probably the biggest concern at any mealtime for most new moms is convenience. You’ll want to hunt down a service that offers easy-to-make meals so you have more time in the day to spend on more important tasks. However, make sure that the meals are nutritious too. Luckily, all of the kits on our list come packed with vitamins and minerals

    • Price – Another key concern for new moms that don’t want to see the weekly shopping budget running away from them. Do some average cost comparison of different platforms before you buy to make sure your chosen number of meals fits with your budget

    • Customer service -Try to find a platform with multiple customer service channels that have long opening hours. Being a new mom means you could face schedule changes at any time and it’s nice to be able to conveniently change your meal orders whenever you’d like

    • Meal variety – It’s no good eating the same old food night after night, so make sure to pick a platform that has lots of variety in its menu to keep you interested in the long term


    We’d highly recommend meal delivery services to any new mom that’s struggling to fit cooking into her busy schedule. There are so many platforms out there now that it’s easy to find one that fits into your diet and schedule. Why not do a little shopping around and comparing before you commit? Most services let you cancel your subscription after your first order, so there’s no risk to you trying a few on for size.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Are Meals for Babies Covered too?

    No. The meal services on our list only cover adult portions, although there are several new platforms springing up that cover baby food too.

    Can I Send Meal Kits as a Gift?

    Yes. Many meal delivery services allow you to send food packages as a gift, and it’s one we’re sure any new mom would appreciate.

    Can I Use these Kits as a Weight Loss Tool?

    In some cases, yes. There are some specialized services that focus on weight loss, but you should always discuss this with your physician before signing up.