Paleo Power Meals Review – Discover the Benefits of This Service

    Many people are trying to adhere to a healthy diet these days and the Paleo diet is one of the most popular choices. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many meal preparation and delivery services now specialize in Paleo dishes. Further on, we’re going to review one of them. Read this detailed and unbiased Paleo Power Meals review and figure out if its menu and prices match your needs.

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    Written By: Kazi

    If you live a busy life and you’re always late for your next meeting or busy dividing time between family, house chores, and your job, cooking healthy meals might be out of reach for you. Yet, a healthy and balanced diet, like the Paleo diet, can help you get the energy you need to meet your personal and professional goals. Because cooking Paleo meals is something you can’t possibly squeeze into your already full schedule, you can order this type of dish from Paleo Power Meals. Read this Paleo Power Meals review to discover the benefits of this service and how it can make your life easier and healthier.

    What Is Paleo Power Meals?

    Paleo Power Meals is a meal delivery service inspired by the Paleo diet. It means the menus are based on natural ingredients and seasonal products from local sources. The company is based in Massachusetts but delivers nationwide, including in Hawaii and Alaska. Their mission is to offer clean, fresh, and healthy products. No processed ingredients are allowed. The company strictly abides by the Paleo ideology and strives to create every meal from naturally obtained ingredients. For example, the eggs come from free-range hens. The fish is wild-caught. The chicken is taken from farms and contains no antibiotics. As much as possible, they try to use organic ingredients. The company started years ago when the owner discovered CrossFit, combined it with the Paleo diet, and achieved great results.

    Paleo Power Meals Pros & Cons

    • 50+ tasty Paleo recipes
    • Nutrition information available for any dish
    • Different discounts available
    • Customizable meals
    • Orders delivered directly to CrossFit gyms
    • No membership required
    • More expensive than other meal services
    • Must place orders days ahead

    Who Is Paleo Power Meals Good for?

    If you consider Paleo Power Meals as your next food delivery service, it’s important to understand whether their offer can meet your needs and expectations. To help you out, we’ve put together the short list below that will show you who the main audience of this company is.

    • Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes – They represent the target audience of this meal delivery service. People who practice any type of sport, either professionally or as a hobby, and want to be fit and combine an active lifestyle with a healthy, natural diet will find plenty of protein-rich dishes that are ideal for intense physical activity and contain little fat and carbs.

    • Paleo Diet Fans – People who adhere to the Paleo diet and are looking for a diversified menu but have little time to cook according to this diet’s principles can find what they need at Paleo Power Meals.

    • People on a Diet – Anyone who wants to lose weight healthily, while eating a balanced diet can order from this service. Each meal contains nutritional information, so you can make sure you are eating as many calories as you should.

    • Busy People – Any busy professional who wants a convenient solution that is both healthy and tasty should try this meal delivery service.

    • On the Go Sportspersons – Fitness addicts who need a practical meal delivery service that can cater to their active lifestyle will find this service useful. The food comes packed in handy individual Tupperware. You can eat it immediately or take it with you and indulge later.

    • Health-conscious People with a Limited Budget – Those who are looking for a relatively affordable, healthy meal prep and delivery service might want to try Paleo Power Meals. Although their menu costs more than what you find in other mainstream rivals, the food is natural, fresh, and Paleo compliant.

    • People Controlling Their Calorie Intake – Anyone who pays close attention to their calorie intake – the average meal has around 400 calories.

    • Gym-Goers – The service has more than 60 affiliated gyms where you can pick up your order from.

    • Healthy Food Fans – People who try to eat natural, non-processed foods, especially those looking for clean meat that doesn’t contain hormones or antibiotics will find plenty of recipes here. The dishes contain no added sugar, and they are carefully prepared so that you eat the right amount of each ingredient: protein, fat, carbs.

    Who Isn’t Paleo Power Meals Good for?

    While this company caters to people who want to adhere to a healthy diet and can afford to pay a bit more for a natural meal, this might not be the case for everyone. Find out who doesn’t fit in this service’s audience.

    • Fast Food Fans – Paleo Power Meals is definitely not a luring option for people who like fast food and are used to eating fat dishes. Those who love high sugar desserts and dishes that contain added sugar will also be a bit disappointed by the offering.

    • People on a Tight Budget – Those who expect to pay only a few dollars for a great quality meal. While Paleo Power Meals is not an expensive option given the multitude of dishes it offers, and more importantly, the natural quality ingredients they are made of, it is more expensive than mainstream meal delivery services that don’t focus on a typical diet.

    • Those Who Order Daily – For people who want to order at any time of day or night and get the food at their doorstep – Paleo Power Meals delivered home orders on Monday. Orders are generally made every week, days in advance.

    • People Who Like Large Portions – Those who are looking for profligate meals, for example, a big portion of French fries as a side dish. While Paleo Power Meals allows you to order as much as you want and mix the dishes the way you want to, their portions are moderate and very well balanced, you get just the right amount of each ingredient.

    How Paleo Power Meal Works?

    Paleo Power Meals is a fast and easy to access meal delivery service. First, you have to create an account on their website. Then, select the meals you want to enjoy, fill in the delivery date, shipping location, or drop-off location and pay for the service. If you want, you can also place recurrent orders.

    The delivery deadline is Thursday at midnight for orders that will be delivered the following week. For home delivery, all orders are shipped on Monday. It is possible to order individual meals or family meals.

    We Build a Menu

    We Cook & Deliver

    Eat and Enjoy

    Paleo Power Meals Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    • The company doesn’t provide formal meal plans, but they are going to add them soon.

    • You can place recurrent orders for meals from the “à la carte menu” and get them every week.

    • There is also a weekly meal special that changes every Monday. At the time of writing, these are the meal types available in the Paleo Power Meals menu.

    Paleo Power Meals Meal Types

    • 4 Breakfast options – you can choose from different sorts of breakfast dishes, especially if you are looking for protein-rich meals that contain egg, bacon, or sweet potatoes.

    • 6 Lunch options – the lunch menu means a perfect blend between protein sources and fresh vegetables. Some of the most popular Paleo Power Meals recipes are chicken recipes such as the chicken Florentine, chicken Milanese, or grilled chicken strips.

    • 19 Dinner options – the dinner menu is more sophisticated compared to the lunch options. For dinner, you can order all types of meat and different types of fish. Some specialties are balsamic glazed chicken, beef and broccoli, Cayenne crusted all-natural pork tenderloin, sweet and spicy salmon, turkey meatloaf.

    • 21 Bulk menu items – there are many dishes you can purchase as bulk items, both vegetable and meat meals are available. Applewood smoked bacon, buffalo chicken strips, cajun rubbed chicken, cauliflower vegetable fried rice, herb-crusted salmon, parmesan-crusted chicken are just some of the bulk items.

    How Much Does Paleo Power Meals Cost?

    Paleo Power Meals meal delivery costs are available next to each specialty from their menu. The prices are either per individual or bulk items.

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $6.95/serving ($6.95 total + FREE shipping = $6.95/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $9.95/serving ($9.95 total + FREE shipping = $9.95/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $12.95/serving ($12.95 total + FREE shipping = $12.95/week)

    Paleo Power Meals Diet Friendliness

    • Paleo diet – Essentially, all the meals you can find at Paleo Power Meals follow the principles of the Paleo diet. While there is no restriction to the type of meals in this diet, what matters is to make sure they are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. There is an excellent array of different meat-based, vegetarian, or vegan dishes to choose from.

    • Vegetarian – if you don’t eat any type of meat, there are different dishes based solely on vegetables. Tasty side dishes such as summer squash sautéed Brussels sprouts, brown rice with cranberries and scallions, French fries, sweet potatoes, or spiralized zucchini are some of these options.

    • Vegan – Those who have entirely eliminated animal products from their diet can enjoy different types of meals that only contain vegetables: sautéed broccoli, sautéed cabbage, grilled asparagus, sweet potato pancakes, sweet roasted potatoes.

    • Gluten-free – those who are intolerant to gluten or simply want to eliminate this ingredient from their diet for health-related purposes, will be pleased with Paleo Power Meals’ gluten-free dishes.

    • Compatible with other diets – people who stick to other healthy diets such as the ketogenic diet or the Whole 30 program can find plenty of suitable dishes at Paleo Power Meals.

    Paleo Power Meals Customer Service

    • Responsiveness – the team at Paleo Power Meals is reasonably prompt in answering customer questions. Moreover, there is also a helpful FAQ page you can visit, which might provide you a faster answer.

    • How can you get in touch – there are two different ways to get in touch with the customer support service, either by calling at (781) 558-2643 or sending an email to [email protected]

    Paleo Power Meals Cancellation policy

    You can only cancel recurring orders by clicking on the Order History link from your account. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. If you have a recurring order, you must cancel your subscription before the next recurring payment is made so that you don’t get charged. If the payment is already made, the company will not offer refunds. You can also cancel recurring raiders by email.

    In case you receive an incomplete or damaged order and you want to get a refund, you have to contact the support team within 24 hours and provide images of your order.


    BistroMD has an excellent track record of customers successfully losing weight. It provides a wide range of delicious meals and might just be one of the most flexible and convenient specialist diet platforms we’ve come across. There are some that might be a little put off at the weekly cost, but you’re paying for dietician-backed meals and excellent nutrition. 

    For those not on a diet, or are simply looking for a meal kit service that offers a little more excitement, there are plenty of great alternatives to pick from.