An Unbiased and Up-to-Date Mom’s Meals Review

    There are many delivery services that focus on healthy meals and Mom’s Meals is one of the oldest and best ones. This company has been on the market for approximately two decades. During this time, it has helped thousands of individuals cope with different dietary restrictions or simply enjoy healthy, ready-made meals. Mom’s Meals service mainly caters to seniors or people who manage chronic diseases and need to follow a special diet. However, their generous menu can also cover the needs of anyone else who is looking for healthy meals. Learn more about this service in this Mom’s Meals review.

    • Healthy
    • Low Sodium
    • Vegetarian
    • Gluten Free
    • Diabetes Friendly
    Written By: Kazi

    If you are taking care of a senior or a person who has a chronic disease and needs to stick to a specific diet, you might find it overwhelming to cook separate meals for that person. If you want a safe and easy solution, you can use a meal delivery service like Mom’s Meals that offers a wide array of recipes that can suit the particular needs of these people. Learn how this service works and what advantages it offers in this Mom’s Meals review.

    What Is Mom’s Meals?

    Mom’s Meals is a meal delivery service you can access based on a subscription. The company is located in Iowa but it delivers nationwide, except for Alaska and Hawaii. This service advocates for healthy food, so it focuses on fresh, nutrient-rich, and well-balanced meals. 

    There is a good range of meals you can choose from every week. The menu constantly changes and you are able to customize it based on your preferences or dietary restrictions. You can find different meals that can safely fit the particular needs of people who suffer from different health conditions. Moreover, if you follow a specific diet, such as vegetarian, low-fat, low carb, etc., you can customize your meals accordingly.

    Mom’s Meals recipes are prepared by experienced chefs in USDA-inspected facilities, using high-quality ingredients. Since the company caters to the specific needs of people who suffer from different illnesses, their meals are created according to the strict guidelines of expert dietitians

    Mom’s Meals Pros & Cons

    There are many benefits you can enjoy by choosing to order Mom’s Meals meals plans. This service is a good choice for anyone who wants to adopt a healthy diet. Here are the main pros of this service and some of its cons.

    • A wide array of recipes
    • No extra preparation required
    • Healthy meals, quality ingredients
    • Suitable for different health conditions and diets
    • Customizable meals
    • Discounts for recurring orders
    • Affordable
    • Limited information about the ingredients’ source
    • Shipping is not free

    Who Is Mom’s Meals Good for?

    There are many groups of people who can safely rely on Mom’s Meals menu if they are following a strict diet or need to cope with a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart diseases. Find out who can benefit from Mom’s Meals meal delivery service.

    • Caregivers – if you are busy taking care of a senior or someone who suffers from a chronic disease, Mom’s Meals will enable you to cope with their special diet without wasting any more time cooking. All the meals are ready-made, no extra preparation is necessary.

    • People Suffering from Chronic Conditions– it is not easy to find a meal delivery service that can cater to individuals with different health conditions. People with diabetes or heart problems should be careful with their diet but most meal services are usually crafted for healthy people who can eat anything. However, with Mom’s Meals recipes, you can rest assured you won’t be eating food that might end up harming you.

    • Medicaid and Older American Act Programs – Mom’s Meals serves clients who use Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, or Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) plans. The company also supports the Older Americans Act. Those who are covered by these plans can enjoy their home-delivered meals.

    • People Who Want Healthy Meals – if you are simply looking for a healthier choice for your diet, you will find a variety of meals at Mom’s Meals. The meals include all the necessary nutrients a healthy person needs. The calorie intake varies between 400-600 calories.

    • Patients Who Have Recently Been Discharged– if you’ve recently had surgery, there are some dietary restrictions you might have to follow during your recovery. Mom’s Meals can offer different low-sodium or low-fat meals for your needs.

    • Gluten-Free Diet Followers– if you’ve excluded gluten from your diet, you will find plenty of gluten-free meals at Mom’s Meals. Their recipes include less than 20ppm gluten per meal.

    • Vegetarian – if you’ve given up on meat, you can find plenty of healthy, dietitian-approved meat-free meals.

    Who Isn’t Mom’s Meals Good for?

    As you might expect it, not everyone will appreciate the Mom’s Meals menu simply because some people prefer other types of food. These are the customers who might not enjoy what Mom’s Meals menu offers.

    • Caregivers Who Have Time to Cook– if you are taking care of a senior or someone who’s on a special diet but you have time to handle the cooking too, you might not want to pay for ready-made meals.

    • People Who Eat a Regular Diet – although many meals in the menu are perfect for healthy people who can eat anything, Mom’s Meals simply might not be their first choice because it is a service that mainly targets seniors and people with chronic conditions.

    • Those Who Enjoy Fast Food – if you love fatty, processed foods with added sugars, you’re not likely to want to order the healthy, balanced Mom’s Meals dishes.

    How Does Mom’s Meals Work?

    Mom’s Meals offers meals to people who are covered by different programs or insurance plans (Medicare Advantage plan, Medicaid, Older Americans Act). These people can benefit from meals as part of the program. They mostly work with case managers, caregivers, and healthcare organizations.

    However, anyone else can also order from Mom’s Meals even if they don’t have an eligible health plan. Mom’s Meals self-pay program covers nine health-condition menus and comprises a wide array of meal options. There are 4 different programs you can access to order meals from Mom’s Meals:  Self Care, LTSS – HCBS, which stands for Long Term Services and Support/Home and Community-Based Services, Post-Discharge Care, and Chronic Care. 

    You can customize your meals and choose where you want them to be delivered. The price is $6.99 per meal. For renal-friendly, gluten-free, or pureed meals, the price is $7.99 per meal. There are over 60 meals on the menu, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

    Website & App

    The order process is quite straightforward. It includes 3 easy steps: selecting your meals from a vast and diversified menu, entering your delivery address, and sending the order. 

    When you access the Mom’s Meals menu online, you will first see an overview of what types of diets the menu covers: general wellness, low sodium, heart-friendly, diabetes-friendly, renal-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, pureed, cancer support. Each diet features a short description and offers the possibility to download or view the correlated menu online. When you order online as a Self-Pay customer, you can choose between different packages: breakfast, lunch and dinner, or only lunch and dinner. 

    The orders can contain 21, 14, 10, or 7 meals. There is also a 3-meal trial you can enjoy when you use the service for the first time. Highly customizable, Mom’s Meals service allows you to choose any of the available meals on the menu, but there is also the option to let the chefs make the choice by selecting the option Chef’s Choice.  Even in the Chef’s Choice menu, you have the possibility to exclude and replace any of the meals you don’t like. 

    You can receive orders once or two times per week. The meals can last for up to 14 days if you properly refrigerate them. Before eating the meals, it’s recommended to heat them for two minutes or less. No further preparation is required for any of the meals, all you have to do is follow the heating instructions on each entree’s label. 

    There are two ways to order meals. You can either call the telephone number or place an order online if you opt for the self-pay program. No matter what option you choose, you will schedule the date when you want to receive your meals and they will be delivered directly to your door by Mom’s Meals or a meal delivery service. You can also choose to place a one-time order or select the auto-ship option, which means you will receive the meals each week. The auto-ship order doesn’t mean you will receive exactly the same meals every week, you can log into your account and customize each week’s order. The shipping and handling fee is $14.95 and it is applied at checkout. 

    Each order is carefully packed in a custom cooler that keeps the food fresh and prevents it from getting accidentally damaged during transportation. The entrees are packed in Mom’s Meals proprietary packaging, which allows you to store them in the refrigerator.

    Creating an account / Sign-up

    To be able to place an order online, you need to create an account on the website. This service is subscription-based. Creating an account is easy and it will enable you to order meals faster. Moreover, if you decide to place recurring orders, you will also enjoy a discount of 10%.

    Mom’s Meals Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    The meal options are divided based on the special diets the service caters to: regular wellness diet, low sodium, heart-friendly, diabetes-friendly, renal-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, pureed, cancer support. These 9 menus are available for all the programs, including the Self Pay plan. There are 60 different recipes you can choose from every week.

    Mom’s Meals Recipes

    There is a wide array of Mom’s Meals recipes to choose from. The recipes are mainly created for people who need to be careful with their diet either for age-related reasons or because they suffer from a chronic disease or they’ve recently had surgery. For this reason, the recipes are balanced and contain just the right amount of protein, carbs, or fat a person is allowed to eat in the above-mentioned case. To choose the recipes that best fit your dietary needs, you simply have to select the most appropriate menu from the 9 available options. If you don’t need to follow any specific restrictions, you can opt for the general wellness menu that includes a wide array of nutritionally balanced meals anyone can enjoy. This menu includes both recipes that contain meat and vegetarian options. There is a separate section in the menu called ‘International Flavors’. Here, you can find recipes inspired by different cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Indian, or Japanese.

    Mom’s Meals Meal Types

    The types of meals you can order from Mom’s Meals are well organized according to the specific diet they are crafted for. Each diet features a separate menu. Later on, in this Mom’s Meals review, we will offer you a short overview of what each diet entails, below, we provide some meal examples taken from the current menu.

    • General Wellness: this comprehensive menu contains recipes anyone can enjoy. Some of the options include BBQ Chicken with Potato and Seasoned Beans, Beef Goulash over Whole Wheat Pasta and Seasoned Carrots, Curry Vegetables with Pineapple and Rice, Beef Tacos.

    • Low Sodium: Meatloaf with Pasta and Seasoned Carrots, Creamy Turkey & Wilde Rice Soup, Beef Pepper Steak with Gravy over Brown Rice.

    • Heart-friendly: Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy, White Rice and Vegetables, Teriyaki Stir Fry Vegetables over Brown Rice and Sweet Pineapple & Apples.

    • Diabetes-friendly: Beef Stew and Buttermilk Biscuit, Chicken with Mushroom Gravy.

    • Renal-friendly: Sweet/Sour Chicken with Stir Fry Vegetables and Rice, Ham, Egg and Cheese Scramble and Spiced Blueberries & Apples.

    • Gluten-free: Chicken with Black Pepper Sherry Sauce, Rice Pilaf, and Seasoned Broccoli, Turkey Meatballs and Garlic Basil Butter Sauce over Brown Rice.

    • Vegetarian: Vegetarian Egg Scramble and Peaches with Cherries, Rotini with Marinara Sauce and Blend Vegetables.

    • Cancer Support Meals: Tuna Casserole and Buttermilk Biscuit, Cheeseburger and Seasoned Carrots.

    How Much Does Mom’s Meals Cost?

    This is an affordable service that offers meals for only $6.99 per serving, regardless of the menu you choose. There are only a few special diets that cost more per serving. Here is a quick Mom’s Meals prices overview:

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    Individual meals
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $6.99/serving ($6.99 total + FREE shipping = $6.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)
    Pureed meals
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)

    This service also allows you to get a gift certificate if you want to surprise a bellowed one. The price of their gift certificates varies depending on how many meals you want to purchase. For 7 meals, you need to pay $63.88. 14 meals cost $112.81.

    Diet Friendliness

    This service caters to a wide array of different diets:

    • Vegetarian: as you might expect, these meals don’t contain any kind of meat. They do contain eggs, dairy products, beans, and nuts and are dietitian-approved.

    • Gluten-free: the recipes on this menu have less than 20ppm of gluten per meal. They are gluten-free tested using the ELISA method and crafted according to FDA guidelines.

    • Low sodium: this menu includes meals with limited sodium (600 mg or less) and saturated fat (10% or less). These meals help lower blood pressure.

    • Diabetes-friendly: this menu focuses on meals that are lower in carbohydrates and have 75g or fewer carbs per meal. The meals are designed by a diabetes dietitian.

    • Heart-friendly: these meals contain less than 800 mg of sodium and less than 30% fat per meal.

    • Pureed: people who have difficulty swallowing can enjoy a variety of pureed meals that comply with the Dysphagia requirements of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    • Renal-friendly: this menu includes meals that contain less than 700 mg of sodium, 330 mg of phosphorus, and 833 mg of potassium and it is suitable for people on hemodialysis or home dialysis.

    • Cancer Patient Diet: the meals created for people who have been diagnosed with cancer are rich in protein and have a higher calorie intake. They were created with the help of registered dietitians who specialize in oncology diets.

    Add-Ons: Wine & More

    Mom’s Meals menu includes all types of meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The General Wellness menu is the most comprehensive one and it includes meals anyone can enjoy. This menu features 13 breakfast recipes such as waffles, buttermilk or whole grain pancakes, as well as different meat-based breakfast recipes such as sausage, eggs and cheese burrito. There is also a separate section containing soups and sandwiches.

    Mom’s Meals Customer Service

    Mom’s Meals offers excellent customer support. You can even place your order directly by talking to their support department over the phone. They are prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. The company also offers support such as sign language interpreters for persons with disabilities who want to order meals. For those who don’t speak English, Mom’s Meals offers free interpretation services. 

    • Responsiveness: the support staff is polite and helpful. According to the company’s website, the customer satisfaction rating their support staff got over the past six years is 98%.

    • How can you get in touch? – there are different ways to get in touch; you can call the phone number 1-877-508-6667, send an email to [email protected], or fill in the contact form on the website.

    Mom’s Meals Cancellation Policy

    Mom’s Meals is a flexible service even in terms of its cancellation policy. This company doesn’t require you to sign a contract or pay for a monthly subscription. If you no longer want to receive their meals, or you simply want to skip an order, you can cancel it at any time. This also applies to the auto-ship option which implies weekly orders. The only thing you need to remember is that you have to cancel your order before 1 PM on Friday, the week before your next delivery is scheduled.

    Mom’s Meals Alternatives

    If you are looking for Mom’s Meals alternatives, here are a few good options you might want to consider.

    Meal Kit
    Price / Serving
    Minimum order
    Meal options
    Mom’s Meals
    1 Servings
    4 Servings
    Home Chef
    4 Servings
    4 Servings

    Final Verdict

    Mom’s Meals is an excellent choice for caregivers who are looking after a senior or someone who has to cope with a restrictive diet due to a condition. This service caters to a wide array of special diets including low-sodium, gluten-free, vegetarian, kidney, heart, or diabetes-friendly diets. The menu is customizable and there are 60 weekly recipes you can choose from. With a serving costing only $6.99, this is an affordable service, and it also allows you to cancel your order at any time. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    It’s normal to have some questions before you start ordering meals from a service like Mom’s Meals. Here are a few FAQs that will help you make up your mind easier.

    Is Mom’s Meals Worth the Price?

    The meals this service offers are quite affordable ($6.99 per serving) and the quality is good. This is a great price for what you get.

    Is Mom’s Meals Healthy?

    All their meals are created in accordance with specific diets and with the help of expert dietitians. The meals are healthy and safe for people who manage different chronic diseases.

    Does Mom’s Meals Deliver Every Day?

    You can get meals from Mom’s Meals once or twice per week. They deliver nationwide, delivery times depend on your location.

    Does Mom’s Meals Have Gluten-Free?

    Yes, there is a separate gluten-free menu.

    Is Mom’s Meals Organic?

    The company doesn’t focus on organic meals, but their ingredients are carefully chosen so their customers can benefit from healthy meals.