Martha’s Senior Gourmet Review – Discover a Meal Service Dedicated to Seniors

    While there are numerous meal delivery services out there, not many cater to the elderly. One of the few services of this type is Martha’s Senior Gourmet. This company provides meals that meet the particular needs of seniors. They offer a variety of dishes that are suitable for different types of diets such as low sodium diets, low potassium diets, or renal diets. The dishes are made of fresh and natural ingredients. Read this Martha’s Senior Gourmet review to discover the benefits of their menu and find out if it’s a good match for your needs.

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    Written By: Kazi

    What Is Martha’s Senior Gourmet?

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet is a meal delivery service that focuses on the particular needs of the elderly. This company offers a variety of meal plans that are suitable for seniors with different health problems who have to follow a strict diet. If you are a senior or you’re taking care of a senior with special dietary needs, you will find plenty of healthy options at Martha’s Senior Gourmet. All their meals are made from fresh, natural, in-season ingredients. Moreover, although the food is compliant with many dietary restrictions, it is still delicious.

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet Pros & Cons

    • Wide variety of diet meals
    • Caters to seniors with health problems
    • Easy to order meals
    • The food is fresh, natural, and tasty
    • Senior monitoring service included
    • 5-day trial period
    • More expensive than other services
    • Monthly membership fee

    Who Is Martha’s Senior Gourmet Good for?

    Find out more about the target audience of Martha’s Senior Gourmet and whether their offer can fit your needs. Generally, their service mainly caters to the elderly who have to follow a specific diet.

    • People with Special Diets – This service is specially designed for seniors who are on a specific diet due to age or illness, for example, those who need pureed food meals or those who are on a vitamin K restrictive diet. Martha’s Senior Gourmet recipes can fit the specific dietary needs of seniors who suffer from different conditions, without making any compromises in terms of taste.

    • People with Different Conditions – Seniors or people of any age who suffer from common health problems such as diabetes, heart or renal diseases will find plenty of healthy meals here.

    • Gluten-sensitive People – If you are sensitive to gluten, there are different meal options for you.

    • Vegetarians – People who don’t eat meat will find lots of dishes to choose from in Martha’s Senior Gourmet menu.

    • Those with a High-Fiber Diet – People who are looking for a high-fiber, low residue diet, or those who need an extra soft diet are able to find suitable dishes at Martha’s Senior Gourmet.

    • Busy Caregivers – This is a good choice for anyone who is taking care of a senior and doesn’t have time to prepare daily meals according to their specific dietary restrictions.

    • Families – This service is an excellent choice for people who want to look after their elderly relatives – the senior monitoring service is a great addition to the meal plans. It can be very helpful for children who live far away from their parents and want to keep track of their mental and physical well-being.
      The person who delivers the meals will make a report based on several criteria such as changes in the customer’s mobility, speech pattern recognition, and cognition. The information they gather will be available for family members through the company’s reporting page. A report is available after each visit. The person who is in charge of them will simply observe seniors’ behavior and health state upon delivering the meal and fill in the report, without being intrusive.

    • People Who Eat Healthy Food – Martha’s Senior Gourmet is also a good choice for the wider public who is looking for healthy meals. The dishes are made from fresh and natural ingredients that are in-season, which is one of their most important benefits as the elderly should avoid highly processed foods and products that contain antibiotics and additives. The meals are never pre-cooked or frozen.

    • Seniors Who Want to Order Easily – Seniors who are a bit tech-savvy and use the internet can easily order from Martha’s Senior Gourmet. After creating an account, placing an order takes a few minutes tops. The menu is featured on the main page, and there is a short order form you have to complete and submit.

    Who Isn’t Martha’s Senior Gourmet Good for?

    Of course, one service can’t meet the needs of every single customer. Find out who isn’t part of the target audience of Martha’s Senior Gourmet.

    • People with Regular Diets – If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, you might not find the menu tempting as it is specifically tailored for seniors with special diets. Moreover, if you love salty or spicy food, you might not appreciate some of the dishes you find here.

    • Fast Food Fans – If you’re used to eating fast food dishes that are fatty, contain plenty of salt, and calories, you won’t find what you’re looking for at Martha’s Senior Gourmet.

    How Martha’s Senior Gourmet Works?

    You can order Martha’s Senior Gourmet meals for every day of the week. It’s easy to place an order, all you have to do is choose a delivery date, the number of persons and the type of meals you want to combine. Martha’s Senior Gourmet meal delivery offers a wide array of meals on every day of the week and different plans and menus to choose from.

    Placing an order is very easy and takes only a few minutes. On the order page, it is easy to select the specific diet you follow. There are multiple options you simply have to check: low carbs, renal, pureed, heart healthy, diabetic, etc. You can choose from different vegetarian and dairy-free meals, dishes for glutensensitive people are also available.

    The company covers a relatively large area in Northern California, Southern California, and South Florida.

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    Martha’s Senior Gourmet Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    • Vegetarian menu: this menu includes 28 dishes, one for each day of the week. The dishes contain healthy protein substitutes and a variety of vegetables (zucchini, beans, lettuce, squash, lentils, etc)

    • Dairy-Free Menu: this menu is specially created for lactose-intolerant customers. Among the 28 dishes included in the menu, you can find sweet onion roasted chicken, pesto chicken, beef meatloaf, pork marsala, ginger, and lime cod.

    • Low carb meal plan: these meals contain fewer carbs but they are high in protein and vegetables. Some examples include pesto grilled chicken, classic chicken caesar salad, cobb salad, turkey meatball soup bowl.

    • 5-day trial for one or two persons: these menus can contain dinner, lunch & dinner, or dinner, lunch & breakfast.

    • 5-day trial for one or two persons: these menus can contain dinner, lunch & dinner, or dinner, lunch & breakfast.

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet Meal Types

    • Breakfast menu: this menu only contains a few pastries such as croissants, assorted bagels, mini muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones. The items are baked daily and contain no preservatives.

    • Dinner menu: this menu comprises 28 balanced and healthy classical dishes. Some of the available options include Cuban meat stew, chicken fettuccine alfredo, lemon artichoke chicken, shrimp fajitas, grilled whitefish. The meals also contain a fresh salad, which can be made of fruit or vegetables.

    • Dessert menu: the dessert menu features more than a dozen specialties such as raspberry bar, apple walnut bar, carrot cake, chocolate cake, assorted cookies, rugalach.

    How Much Does Martha’s Senior Gourmet Cost?

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet prices are calculated based on the number of days per week you want to receive meals. Every plan is available for 3-7 days a week and the meals are organized according to a 4-week rotation.

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    1 people, 3 recipes per week
    $28.25/serving ($84.75 total + FREE shipping = $84.75/week)
    1 people, 4 recipes per week
    $27.56/serving ($110.24 total + FREE shipping = $110.24/week)
    1 people, 5 recipes per week
    $26.85/serving ($134.25 total + FREE shipping = $134.25/week)
    1 people, 6 recipes per week
    $26.13/serving ($156.78 total + FREE shipping = $156.78/week)
    1 people, 7 recipes per week
    $24.75/serving ($173.25 total + FREE shipping = $173.25/week)
    Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 3 recipes per week
    $45.16/serving ($135.48 total + FREE shipping = $135.48/week)
    Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 4 recipes per week
    $43.56/serving ($174.24 total + FREE shipping = $174.24/week)
    Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 5 recipes per week
    $42.65/serving ($213.25 total + FREE shipping = $213.25/week)
    Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 6 recipes per week
    $40.79/serving ($244.74 total + FREE shipping = $244.74/week)
    Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 7 recipes per week
    $39.25/serving ($274.75 total + FREE shipping = $274.75/week)
    Breakfast Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 3 recipes per week
    $54.08/serving ($162.24 total + FREE shipping = $162.24/week)
    Breakfast Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 4 recipes per week
    $52.56/serving ($210.24 total + FREE shipping = $210.24/week)
    Breakfast Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 5 recipes per week
    $51.65/serving ($258.25 total + FREE shipping = $258.25/week)
    Breakfast Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 6 recipes per week
    $49.79/serving ($298.74 total + FREE shipping = $298.74/week)
    Breakfast Dinner & Lunch
    1 people, 7 recipes per week
    $48.25/serving ($337.75 total + FREE shipping = $337.75/week)

    Diet Friendliness

    • Diabetic menu – these lunch and dinner menus are specially created for people who suffer from diabetes and need to carefully control their sugar and calorie intake. Meals such as grilled whitefish, Mediterranean chicken, chicken noodle soup, or corn beef sandwich make up this menu.

    • Renal menu – the meals included in this menu have a lower potassium level. Minestrone soup, hearty tuna salad, roasted chicken salad sandwich, chopped chicken salad are included in the menu.

    • Gluten-sensitive – for people who are intolerant to this ingredient, there is a wide range of gluten-free meals.

    • Vitamin K Restrictive Menu – people who are taking certain medicines such as blood thinners need to consume lower amounts of vitamin K because of how it can interact with the medicines. Martha’s Senior Gourmet alternatives for these people contain other ingredients that don’t have a lot of vitamin K and eliminate those that have (kale, lettuce, etc.)

    • Renal diabetic menu – there are different dishes that cater to people who suffer both from diabetes and renal diseases.

    • Congestive Heart Failure – this menu includes numerous dishes that have very low levels of sodium and can prevent water retention.

    • Diverticulitis – people who suffer from this condition can choose from different meals that are high in fibers and suitable for their needs: grilled orange chicken, country fried steak, hamburger steak, butter pecan chicken.

    • Pureed meals – these special dishes for seniors are made daily from fresh ingredients that are pureed and mixed together. Chicken noodle soup, beef, and vegetables, minestrone soup, chicken cheese enchiladas are some of the available options.

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet Customer Service

    • Responsiveness – the customer support department is responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you. They encourage you to ask questions and take time to explain what their menus or plans consist of. There is a useful FAQs section on their website and the company also has a certified senior advisor you can talk to.

    • How can you get in touch – you can get in touch with the company’s support department by filling in a form. A phone number is also available – (310) 935-3877.

    Martha’s Senior Gourmet Cancelation Policy

    Once you create a membership for this service, there is a recurring monthly fee you have to pay for a cycle of 28 days. You can cancel your membership at any time by completing the contact us form. You need to cancel your membership at least five days before the end of the billing period so that the cancelation gets registered and you avoid being charged for the following month. You also have to give a 3-days notice.


    Factor 75 provides one of the most convenient, delicious, and varied menus in the meal delivery business. The service is easy to use, great for those with busy lifestyles, and provides a solid selection of fresh vegetables and lean meats and some much-needed nutrition in our diets. 

    However, as each meal is hand-made by chefs you can expect to pay something of a premium for this service. Plus, the menu items can be somewhat limited for those on strict diets and you may find you have to mix and match between different meal kits to get everything you need.