Are Meal Delivery Services Worth It? My Marley Spoon Review

    Marley Spoon is the brainchild of beloved culinary icon Martha Stewart that’s aiming to get Americans to fall in love with cooking again. It provides pre-portioned meal kits that allow you to prepare healthy and exciting dishes.

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    Written By: Idan Fadida

    With a lifetime of culinary experience under her belt, Martha Stewart has helped create thousands of delicious meals. Now, via Marley Spoon, you can recreate some of those classics yourself, with all the ingredients and instructions delivered right to your door. Ingredients are delivered fresh and the dishes are tasty and innovative. There are roughly 30 recipes to pick from and the menu rotates every week. Plus, you can hold onto your recipe cards and cook up your favorites again at any time.

    What is Marley Spoon?

    Marley Spoon is a pre-portioned meal kit delivery service that gives you access to some of the best dishes conceived by Martha Stewart. You can choose to have between two to six portions delivered each week for either two or four people. You can select from five different categories of dishes each week, but the platform isn’t really designed for those that want to stick to a rigid diet plan. 

    Marley Spoon Pros & Cons

    • Great range of interesting and exciting dishes
    • Try out the back catalog of Martha Stewart’s finest creations
    • Instructions are easy to follow
    • Flexible plans
    • Fresh ingredients
    • Feel like a gourmet chef
    • Seasonal options
    • Meals are reasonably-priced
    • Shipping isn’t free
    • There aren’t many vegan or vegetarian options
    • Some dishes can be bland

    Who is Marley Spoon Good For?

    • Fans of innovative dishes – Not only do you get to try some of the greatest Martha Stewart classics, but many of the dishes are also new and innovative twists on old favorites

    • Those that love to cook – Whether you know your way around a kitchen already, or are a complete novice, these meal kits are a great way to boost your cooking skills. The recipes aren’t too complicated and you really do appreciate your food more when you’ve prepared it yourself

    • Budget shoppers – We’re surprised at just how reasonable the prices are here. The more you order, the less you’ll pay, and meals tend to average out at around $8.99 per dish. That’s cheaper than take-out and even some supermarkets

    • Chefs stuck in a rut – You can find that lots of meal kit services tend to get a little samey once you’ve used them for any length of time. This isn’t the case with Marley Spoon though as the constantly rotating menu will always bring you something new and fresh to try

    • Couples and small families – The meal plans are perfectly designed to provide dinner almost every night of the week for couples or small families. Plus, if you need a break, you can easily skip weeks or decrease your order as needed

    Who Isn’t Marley Spoon Good For?

    • People short on time – Although there are some kits that can be prepared in under 30 minutes, in most cases you’ll need at least 40 minutes to get things ready. This isn’t ideal if you’re on a hectic schedule. You might just want to order a couple of dishes per week; that way, you can enjoy the tasty meals but won’t be committed to using up fresh ingredients every night

    • People on specialist diets – While the menu has a few selections for vegetarians, pescetarians, and vegans, it really isn’t designed to cater to specialist diets on a full-time basis. You’ll need to find a niche platform for that

    How Marley Spoon Works?

    Each week Marley Spoon has around 30 dishes on the menu, and you’re free to choose whichever you’d like within your plan limits. You can opt to have between two to six meals delivered each week for either two or four people. You can often find ethical ingredients like grass-fed beef and produce sourced from sustainable organic farms. Check out the menu each week to see what’s on offer. 




    Marley Spoon Website and App

    The website couldn’t be simpler to navigate, and it’s difficult to get lost. You can view menu items for the next three weeks, get a run down of how the ordering system works, and even read a little on the ethos and history of the company. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can even provide feedback or submit your own recipe ideas via the website. 

    Apps are available for both iOS and Android and have very similar functionality to your desktop account. The only difference being that you’re currently unable to update payment details via the app.


    Creating an account / Sign-up

    Simply click on the ‘choose your meal kit’ button and you’ll launch a simple five-step account creation process. You should be all done and dusted in just a few minutes, ready to pick the meals that take your fancy for your first delivery.


    Marley Spoon Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    There are only two different meal plans to sign up for:

    • Between two and six portions for two people

    • Between two and six portions for four people

    Both options give you access to the full week’s menu and you can mix and match meals as you please. The menu changes every week, but you can always find a sampling of vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, and health-focused dishes on offer. These options aren’t enough to sustain a specialist diet for a full week alone, but it’s nice to have options. 


    Marley Spoon Meal Types

    With a decades-long back catalog of Martha Stewart recipes to choose from, the menu never gets boring here. Alongside classic favorites, you’ll find some fun and unique twists on traditional home cooking. Here’s some examples of popular dishes from recent weeks:

    • Sichuan bang bang chicken with rice noodles and bok choy

    • Bacon skillet meatloaf with garlic mash

    • Pork bulgogi lettuce wraps

    • Lemony tortellini pasta salad

    • Low-cal shrimp egg roll bowl

    • Chicken tacos with creamy lime slaw, salsa and guacamole

    • Teri-yaki glazed burger and furikake fries

    • Bunny chow chicken curry on toasted ciabatta

    • Vegetarian Greek Cobb salad

    • Tiramisu cupcakes with Mascarpone frosting

    Choosing Marley Spoon Recipes

    You have total freedom of choice over each week’s menu, but it would be nice to have the option to allow the site to select for you to help those that are in a rush or simply don’t know what to try. Clicking on each of the menu items tells you which are gluten-free, have healthier ingredients, are dairy-free, and any other nutritional information. There’s no filter at the moment so calorie-counters need to do a little research. 

    How Much Does Marley Spoon Cost?

    The more you order, the cheaper your price per meal becomes. Whatever the size of your order, you’ll always pay $8.99 per shipment.

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    2 people, 2 recipes per week
    $10.99/serving ($43.96 total + $8.99 shipping = $52.95/week)
    2 people, 3 recipes per week
    $9.49/serving ($56.94 total + $8.99 shipping = $65.93/week)
    2 people, 4 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($71.92 total + $8.99 shipping = $80.91/week)
    2 people, 5 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($89.9 total + $8.99 shipping = $98.89/week)
    2 people, 6 recipes per week
    $8.49/serving ($101.88 total + $8.99 shipping = $110.87/week)
    4 people, 2 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($71.92 total + $8.99 shipping = $80.91/week)
    4 people, 3 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($95.88 total + $8.99 shipping = $104.87/week)
    4 people, 4 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($127.84 total + $8.99 shipping = $136.83/week)
    4 people, 5 recipes per week
    $7.49/serving ($149.8 total + $8.99 shipping = $158.79/week)
    4 people, 6 recipes per week
    $6.99/serving ($167.76 total + $8.99 shipping = $176.75/week)

    Diet Friendliness

    Marley Spoon isn’t really set up as a specialist diet service. It’s aimed at people that like to cook and want to enjoy a wide variety of different dishes. You’ll find a few vegan and vegetarian dishes, but nothing that will sustain a long-term diet. Plus, the meals aren’t designed with weight-loss in mind and shouldn’t be taken as such. If you’re looking for a specialism, there are plenty of other platforms that can cater to you. 

    Add-Ons: Wine & More

    There are no extras at Marley Spoon, you can only choose dishes from the weekly menu. However, you can order a gift card for a special occasion if you wish.

    Marley Spoon Customer Service

    You can call, email or ask your questions via a chatbot on the website. Customers are encouraged to submit feedback, or even provide their own recipe suggestions too. We were quite happy with the service received and found agents to be responsive and helpful. 

    Plus, an extensive FAQ page and series of blogs are on hand to answer most questions you might have.

    Marley Spoon Cancellation Policy

    You can cancel your subscription or amend your orders at any time. However, all submissions must be done at least five days before your next delivery date. If you go beyond this, your order will be locked and you’ll be charged. If you’d prefer, you can skip your orders for up to four weeks at a time rather than canceling outright.

    Marley Spoon Alternatives

    While we love the dishes on offer here, they might not be enough to satisfy those looking for specialist diets, or those that want more convenient kits. You might want to try one of these alternatives.

    Meal Kit
    Price / Serving
    Minimum order
    Meal options
    4 Servings
    Butcher Box
    1 Servings
    4 Servings


    If you’re a fan of Martha Stewart and the culinary masterpieces she’s pulled together over the years, then Marley Spoon is the ideal way for you to sample some of her greatest hits. The convenience of pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your home, coupled with some exciting and innovative ingredient combinations make this a choice for any foodie too. 

    It’s not really the best choice for those looking for a specialist diet, or for large families on a hectic schedule, but it could be the perfect getaway for those looking to get back in the kitchen and brush up on their cooking skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can Packaging Be Recycled

    Yes, all packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Are Breakfasts and Desserts Covered By Marley Spoon?

    Yes, but only sometimes. You’ll need to keep an eye out on the menu for these items rotating on. However, the majority of meals are designed around lunch or dinner time.

    Does Marley Spoon Cover Allergens?

    No. While some dishes are gluten or nut-free, the platform doesn’t cater for a full diet plan for any allergens and can’t guarantee they’ll be 100% allergen-free.

    Where Does Marley Spoon Source its Ingredients?

    Marley Spoon tries to source as many organic ingredients as possible, and all chicken is now 100% free of antibiotics. In some cases, you can find grass-fed beef and other earth-friendly ingredients but this might not always be the case.

    How Long Will My Delivery Stay Fresh for?

    All ingredients are delivered fresh, meaning seafood should be consumed within two days, meats within three, and veggie dishes within five. However, a lot of the ingredients are suitable for freezing if you find you don’t have the time to cook.