Daily Harvest Review

    Daily Harvest’s meals are built around organic and ethically sourced fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are bought directly from environmentally conscious farms and frozen fresh right after harvest. All dishes are 100% plant-based, and there’s a huge range of customizable weekly boxes to choose from. 

    • Nourishing
    • Organic
    • Healthy Eating
    • Clean Meal
    Written By: Idan Fadida

    Daily Harvest puts health at the forefront of its meal packages and is an ideal choice for vegans and vegetarians looking for some variety. All ingredients are gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives. It’s aimed at those with a busy lifestyle, with many meals being ready in two to three minutes. However, it’s not just for veggies to enjoy and will appeal to anyone that’s looking for an all round healthier diet too. Meat eaters can supplement their diets with additional nutritious meals from Daily Harvest.

    What is Daily Harvest?

    Daily Harvest started as a smoothie delivery service but has since expanded to offer an impressive range of vegan meal options. You can find flatbreads, soups, chia bowls, oat-based pots, and a host of nourishing rice and potato dishes. 

    There are no pre-set boxes to choose from and you’ll instead build your own selection each week from the provider’s full menu, and you can swap your orders out at any time. You can choose to have 9, 12, or 24 meals delivered each week which will all arrive frozen so there are no worries of any food spoiling.

    Daily Harvest Pros & Cons

    • Great choice for vegans and vegetarians
    • All meals have minimal prep and cooking time
    • Customers have total control over their orders
    • All meals are gluten-free
    • Ingredients are organic, high-quality and sourced directly from ethical farmland
    • A diverse range of ingredients are on offer
    • All packaging is either recyclable or compostable
    • Portion sizes can be a little small
    • Relatively expensive
    • You may still need to buy additional food to supplement your Daily Harvest deliveries
    • Calorie counts can vary significantly across different meals

    Who is Daily Harvest Good For?

    • Vegans and vegetarians – This segment of the market still isn’t that well catered for, so it’s great to see a company offer so much variety. Plus, Daily Harvest is very open to feedback and is always happy to hear from customers on how it can perfect its dishes, and will even add new ones if enough people are calling for them

    • Health conscious people – The meals here are low-fat, organic and packed with nutrients. If you’re looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or supplement your current diet with more high-quality fruit and veg, this could be the one for you

    • Those short on time – Daily Harvest meals have some of the fastest meal prep times in the business. Everything is packaged in such a way that you can enjoy delicious food in a few clicks.

    • People looking for convenience – As all meals are delivered frozen, you’re not under any time pressure to get everything eaten before it spoils. Cook your meals in your own time. What’s more, being frozen directly after harvest helps lock in all of the nutrients

    • Those hunting for something new – You’ll find a large and interesting array of unique recipes on offer here, and Daily Harvest is constantly updating its menu. If your taste buds are after something new and exciting, why not try the spinach and shiitake grits? Or pear and arugula flatbread? Not every combination works, but it’s a great place for the adventurous

    Who Isn’t Daily Harvest Good For?

    • Meat eaters – As a vegan platform, the carnivores among us will have to try an alternative

    • Picky eaters – Some might find Daily Harvest’s unique combinations of ingredients a little too out there for their tastes. This isn’t the provider to choose if you like your traditional home cooking

    • Those looking for a substantial meal – The calorie counts can be a little low on some items here. The focus is on low-fat, healthy meals so you won’t find huge portions and need to supplement your deliveries with additional snacks

    How Daily Harvest Works?

    Simply browse the range of meals and smoothies on offer and select which ones you’d like in your package. It can be a little daunting at first working your way through the options, but it’s actually quite liberating not to have pre-set boxes made up for you. This means you only ever receive the meals you enjoy.

    You can skip, pause, cancel or amend your order at any time at no extra cost to you. Once delivered, most meals simply require you to simply mix the ingredients or pop them into the microwave for speedy prep time.

    Choose what you want.

    Select your plan and choose from 80+ chef-crafted , smoothies, harvest bowls, soups and more.

    Check your doorstep.

    Delivered when you want. Pop your items in the freezer and enjoy whenever.

    Enjoy anytime.

    Ready to enjoy in minutes. No shopping, chopping, or prepping. Easy, right?

    Daily Harvest Website and App

    The website is clean, modern and easy to navigate. You can browse all the meals on offer before you decide to buy, and each is accompanied by high-quality pictures of the finished product. Plus, you’ll be able to see the price per meal and read customer reviews of each one before you add it to your basket. 

    The Daily Harvest App is currently only available for iOS users, but we hope to see an Android equivalent in the future. The app itself is a little basic, and it would be nice to see options for creating meal lists, saving favorites or adding a detailed calorie and nutritional breakdown. Still, it does the job for mobile users on the go.


    Creating an account / Sign-up

    When you sign up via the website you’ll be asked to choose how many meals you’d like delivered weekly. The service has coverage across 95% of the continental United States, and a quick zip code check at the start of the process will let you know if you’re covered. The signup procedure itself should only take a few minutes. Of course, how long you spend browsing your meal options is up to you.


    Daily Harvest Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    Since you’re in full control of what gets delivered, there are no set plans or meal options. Instead, you choose the number of meals you’d like to be delivered weekly, 9, 12, or 24, and select the ones that take your fancy from the menu.


    Daily Harvest Meal Types

    Meal types are broken down into 10 categories:

    • Smoothies – There are 25 to choose from, including the tasty chocolate and blueberry and the superfood-packed cucumber and greens mix

    • Harvest bowls – These are incredibly nourishing hot pots with a veg, bean or rice base, which can be mixed up and cooked over your stovetop in under five minutes. Popular choices include butternut squash and kale shakshuka, and lentil and tomato bolognese

    • Flatbreads – Simple and filling, Daily Harvest has added a new twist to this middle eastern staple by adding extras like sweet potatoes, artichokes and kabocha

    • Soups – These hearty winter warmers are unique and delicious. The chickpea and turmeric curry soup comes highly recommended

    • Forager bowls – Get in touch with your gatherer roots with these fruit and veg bowl combos. The raspberry and mulberry seed mix makes a refreshing summer treat

    • Oat bowls – These are exactly what they say on the tin. Oat based recipes with added fruit

    • Chia bowls – Chia is packed with protein, essential minerals and has been shown to improve heart health. Give your day a boost with one of Daily Harvest’s Chia bowls

    • Scoops – Dessert is well catered for here too with a range of vegan ice creams to try. The Chocolate Ooey Gooey Midnight Fudge scoop isn’t to be missed

    • Bites– A range of fruit-based cookies to get the mouth watering

    • Lattes – Caffeine lovers won’t be disappointed here and they can enjoy a coffee and almond latte or an interesting ginger and turmeric combo

    Choosing Daily Harvest Recipes

    Daily Harvest might not quite have the extensive range as some of its competitors, but the total freedom you’re afforded when choosing your meals certainly makes it an appealing choice. You’ll need to keep an eye out for new meals being added as new farmers join the partner list and exciting new seasonal varieties are made available. 

    How Much Does Daily Harvest Cost?

    Each individual item has a separate price, so you’ll be charged depending on what you order. You’ll then choose 9, 12 or 24 items to be delivered each week which will determine your total cost. 

    For example, if you ordered nine smoothies in one week, you’d pay $71.91 in total. If you ordered nine chia bowls, you’d pay $53.91 in total. You can also combine items in one order, for example, five harvest bowls, one smoothie and three flatbreads, would cost you $79.91 in total.

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)
    Harvest bowls
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($8.99 total + FREE shipping = $8.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($8.99 total + FREE shipping = $8.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)
    Forager bowls
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $5.99/serving ($5.99 total + FREE shipping = $5.99/week)
    Oat bowls
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $5.99/serving ($5.99 total + FREE shipping = $5.99/week)
    Chia bowls
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $5.99/serving ($5.99 total + FREE shipping = $5.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($8.99 total + FREE shipping = $8.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $8.99/serving ($8.99 total + FREE shipping = $8.99/week)
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $7.99/serving ($7.99 total + FREE shipping = $7.99/week)

    Diet Friendliness

    The provider doesn’t really cater to any special dietary requirements outside of vegans and vegetarians, but the meals are still a great choice for those looking to get healthy and lose some weight. However, you’ll need to manage your meal plans yourself as Daily Harvest doesn’t provide any additional diet advice or guidance, or claim itself to be a weight-loss program.

    • Vegetarian: this option meat-free but does contain other animal by-products such as eggs and cheese.

    • Weight-Watchers Approved: these meals have been created with the weight-watchers guidelines and have Smart Points associated with each meal.

    • Diabetes-Friendly: food follows the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

    • Carb-Conscious: it contains 48 grams of net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) or less per serving.

    • Mediterranean Diet: expect heart-healthy Mediterranean meals. These recipes showcase a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. You can enjoy lean proteins and moderate portions of dairy.

    Add-Ons: Wine & More

    There are no add-ons here and the platform is very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ service. The customer has full control over what they order, prices are clearly marked and there are no hidden charges or fees. You can, however, purchase a gift card or build a box to send to someone as a present. Both options use the standard list of menu items. 

    Daily Harvest Customer Service

    You’ll find a small list of frequently asked questions via the website that covers some basic queries, and if you have any problems with your order you can reach out to a customer service agent via email, or raise a ticket via your online account. 

    The customer service team is very friendly and responsive and regularly replies to recipe reviews submitted on the Daily Harvest homepage.

    Daily Harvest Cancellation Policy

    You’ll never be committed to any long-term contracts and are able to cancel or amend your order at any time. As long as you cancel by 6 pm EST on a Sunday, you won’t be charged for the following week’s delivery. Alternatively, you can put a hold on your account and restart it again at any time. 

    If you’re not happy with the service for any reason, you can request a refund within seven days of receiving your box and Daily Harvest will review your case. You may need some photographic evidence of damaged goods to make a claim, though.

    Daily Harvest Alternatives

    While a diverse range of meals is on offer here, some might be put off by the all-vegan nature of the ingredients. If you’re after a little more variety you might want to try some of these alternatives.

    Meal Kit
    Price / Serving
    Minimum order
    Meal options
    Blue Apron
    4 Servings
    4 Servings
    Splendid Spoon
    5 Servings
    Home Chef
    4 Servings


    In terms of quality, nutrition and sheer veggie variety, you can’t go wrong with Daily Harvest. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to adopt a healthy, organic lifestyle, and it works as a handy supplement to any diet you may already be on. However, the meals aren’t as substantial as you’d find at other providers and meat-eaters will need to look elsewhere.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is Daily Harvest Worth the Price?

    The average price per meal is a few dollars lower than you’ll find at some competitor platforms, and if you were to buy the organic ingredients separately at your local Whole Foods, the price is quite comparable. We’d say it’s worth the cost to access so many quality dishes.

    Do I need to Add Anything to My Meals?

    No, everything will come pre-prepared for you. Although you can add a liquid of your choice when you blend up your smoothies including milk and coconut water.

    Is Daily Harvest Good for Weight Loss?

    The meals aren’t part of a structured diet plan, but if you keep an eye on your calorie intake there’s a good chance you’ll lose weight.

    Is Daily Harvest Healthy?

    Most definitely. There isn’t a trans fat or additive in sight, and your body will thank you for the daily dose of nutritious fruit and veg.

    Does Daily Harvest Deliver Every Day?

    No, packages are delivered once per week and you’ll be assigned a delivery day when you sign up.

    ow Many Calories Are in a Daily Harvest Smoothie?

    The smoothies can range between 250 and 400 calories. Full info can be found when you sign up.

    Is Daily Harvest Organic?

    Yes, Daily Harvest prides itself on sourcing organic food, and boasts a minimum 95% organic stock at all times.