Crowd Cow Review: All You Need to Know

    In this review, we will be detailing all the important features of the meal delivery service called Crowd Cow. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about it.

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    Written By: Kazi

    Crowd Cow is one of those meat-delivery services that offer high-quality meat that comes from sustainably raised animals and is hormone and antibiotics-free. This is definitely very difficult to find nowadays, especially if you are usually buying your meat from stores. This is probably the most important reason why Crowd Cow is seen as one of the very best meat delivery services on the market right now.

    What is Crowd Cow?

    Crowd Cow is a meat and seafood delivery service that is subscription-based and which promises to only provide quality products to its clients. According to the company, their meat comes from independent American farmers and ranchers and is antibiotics and hormone-free. 

    This company provides a wide variety of meat like pork, beef, chicken, Wagyu, and seafood from sustainably raised animals. Their purpose is to make people appreciate where the meat that they put on the table comes from a lot more than they would normally do.

    Pros & Cons

    No matter how praised a company is, it will always have good sides and downsides. The most obvious downside has to do with vegetarian or vegan people who, obviously, might have a hard time finding something for their diet in the Crowd Cow offer. These are some other pros and cons of this service:

    • Carbon-neutral products;
    • Sustainably raised animals;
    • No added antibiotics or hormones;
    • Taste-tested meat;
    • Wide variety of choices;
    • Flexible choices.
    • Could seem expensive for some;
    • Not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    Who is Crowd Cow Good For?

    As already mentioned, the Crowd Cow offer is only suitable for people who love to eat meat and are not on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Taking this into account, here are the main categories of possible clients that might enjoy this company’s products:

    • Meat lovers: This is probably the easiest answer to this question because it’s clear as day that Crowd Cow suits people who love to eat meat in any shape or form. What’s even better is they have a wide variety of meat to pick from, according to their preferences;

    • People without dietary restrictions: Again, healthy people who follow a regular omnivore diet and who have no food restrictions can definitely enjoy the Crowd Cow products;

    • Paleo and Keto diet followers: People who follow the Keto or Paleo diet need a lot of protein which means that the clean meat that this company offers is one of the best options for them;

    • Fans of the Mediterranean and Pescatarian diets: People who are fans of these two diets need to get their protein from fish which means that the Crowd Cow seafood options could be suitable for them too.

    Who Isn’t Crowd Cow Good  For?

    • Vegetarian people: Obviously, a vegetarian diet, as we all know, doesn’t allow any type of meat so people who adhere to it are not among the target clientele for Crowd Cow.

    • Vegan people: Vegans cannot order for this company either because their diet means not eating anything that comes from an animal. Crowd Cow, as already mentioned, only provides meat and seafood.

    How Crowd Cow Works

    Crowd Cow offers a wide selection of responsibly raised animal meat that is hormone and antibiotics-free. They also offer seafood and deliver all over the United States apart from Alaska and Hawaii. Their beef, pork, and chicken are pasture-raised, their lamb is raised in the U.S., and their seafood is wild-caught. Clients can purchase all of these individual cuts or subscribe for their recurring pre-made boxes. Their prices begin at $99 but with a subscription box, you can save $5.

    Ordering from Crowd Cow is very easy. You just pick what you want from their website and once the order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details. You will also be able to track your delivery at all times. Once your order has been placed, you will see an estimated delivery date. The length of this period only depends on your location.

    Usually, the company will ship out your order the following day. All boxes are delivered in insulated boxes with dry ice so that every little piece of meat remains frozen and safe during the journey. Also, the Crowd Cow packaging is completely compostable and recyclable. Expedited shipping options are not available at the moment. You can also reschedule delivery or even change its date. 

    Clients should be careful about keeping the meat out once it arrives because they don’t want it to get damaged. However, in case you are not at home when your order arrives, you still have a few hours until the meat starts to defrost. Shipping is free after $99 and there is a $100 offer for clients who place three orders within three months of their first one.

    Website & App

    The Crowd Cow official website is very intuitive, user-friendly, and it moves fast, without any obvious issues. Placing an order only takes a few minutes and the entire process is smooth and easy to complete. Besides that, their FAQs page is full of useful answers that are certain to help clients in case they need some information. At the moment, the company doesn’t have a mobile app for its delivery services.

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    Creating an Account / Sign-up

    As we’ve already explained, Crowd Cow is a subscription-based meat delivery service. This means that in order to order something, you will first have to create an account on their website. The entire process goes very smoothly and fast and it will only take a few minutes. 

    Once you have selected your preferred subscription box, you will have to enter some details like your e-mail and account password. This is the registration phase. After that, you will have to fill in your delivery address and finally, complete the payment at checkout. The cuts that you prefer for the meat can also be selected during the ordering process. 

    It’s important to note that you can always access your profile and make changes to your subscription box. You can change the delivery date and address, for example, in just a few seconds. Plus, your subscription can be put on hold or canceled at any time without any extra fees.


    Crowd Cow Plans and Options

    Crowd Cow offers three different meat bundles as their subscription boxes and you are free to pick any of them without limitations. The first one is their Custom Box with a price that starts at $99. This is great to share with your family because it’s so varied and you can pick what types of meat you want it to include so it can suit your cooking style.

    Their Steak Lover’s Box is mostly aimed at people who love eating a good steak. Its price is $159 per month and it includes a wide range of different cuts. Some examples of those are short ribs, sirloin steaks, ribeye, and filet mignon steak.

    Last but not least is their Japanese Wagyu Box that is the most expensive at $249 per month. This is mostly for beef lovers and it includes one of the best types of meats in the whole world. It is renowned for its marble-like appearance, deliciousness, and super tender texture. 

    Keep in mind that you can always buy individual cuts but choosing one of these subscription boxes can be a great alternative to save some money.


    Choosing Crowd Cow Products 

    Picking your preferred meat option and cuts is very easy with Crowd Cow because the company offers a plethora of options. They have one of the highest varieties of meat cuts on the market and deliver pork, beef, chicken, Wagyu, and seafood. As already mentioned, the Crowd Cow meat comes from American farms and ranches and they do not have extra antibiotics or hormones added to it. All of the animals have been sustainably raised and the seafood is wild-caught. Besides that, their products are carbon-neutral, have been taste-tested, and their packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.

    Crowd Cow Product Types

    You can order the following types of meat from Crowd Cow:


    The cattle that the Crowd Cow meat comes from are United States-born and raised from independent farms and ranches. Their beef is grass-fed and grass-finished, which offers the meat a delicious taste. Grass-fed beef is very high in nutrients and Omega-3 acids which are the good kind of fat that everyone needs. Their beef has no added hormones or antibiotics, has been taste-tested, and is also carbon-neutral. 

    The pasture-raised beef from Crowd Cow comes from farmers who love and appreciate cattle. These animals have grown on lush pastures before meeting their purpose on homegrown grains. This company also offers pasture-raised Wagyu which comes in three types: Purebred, Pure, and Wagyu-Angus cross. This meat is rich in umami and keeps that gorgeous marble-like texture. 

    Last but not least, their Japanese Wagyu comes directly from farmers in Japan so you can enjoy the authentic taste of this special kind of beef meat. 

    These are some of the cuts that Crowd Cow offers for their beef meat:

    • Filet Mignon;

    • New York Strip Steak;

    • Bone-In Ribeye Steak;

    • Boneless Ribeye Steak;

    • New York Strip End Cut;

    • Top Sirloin Steak;

    • Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak;

    • Wagyu Filet Mignon;

    • Wagyu Zabuton (Denver Steak);

    • Wagyu Striploin Ends;

    • Wagyu New York Strip Steak.


    Crow Cow offers only pork meat that comes from heritage breeds, which means that it’s the best type of meat in terms of taste and juiciness. This type of pork meat not only tastes a lot better than the one coming from factory farms but it’s also a lot richer and cooks better. 

    Besides that, this company also offers pasture-raised pork meat coming from animals who have never been kept in confinement. This meat comes from United States small farms and the farmers doing all this hard work know how qualitative this type of pork meat is. Also, pasture-raised meat has that special marbling texture which is a clear indicator that the pig it comes from was happy and enjoyed its life. This meat has a lot of monounsaturated fats and a higher level of Vitamin D, thanks to the regular sun and fresh air exposure. 

    The Crowd Cow pork meat is natural, without any antibiotics or hormones. All the meat in their offer is first taste-tested and then introduced into their catalog for people to be able to order too.

    Here are some of the pork meat cuts that this company offers:

    • Heritage Boneless Pork Chops;

    • Heritage Pork Tenderloin;

    • Heritage Bone-In Pork Chops;

    • Heritage St. Louis Spareribs;

    • Heritage Bone-In Pork Butt Roast;

    • Heritage Sweet and Hot Italian Sausage;

    • Heritage Bacon;

    • Osso Bucco;

    • Heritage Pork Belly.


    The Crowd Cow chicken meat comes from the Greive family Pasturebird farm in Southern California. It all started back in 2012 with only fifty chicks and it’s now one of the most trustworthy and professional chicken farms in the country. The poultry is pasture-raised, they live outside on green grass and breathe the fresh air. Thankfully, there is a big demand for humanely-raised outdoor chickens as people are starting to be more careful about the food they put on the table.

    Thanks to the fact that the chicken offered by Crowd Cow is pasture-raised, it has 21% less fat and 30% less saturated fat than regular chicken. Their level of Vitamin A is also 50% more than other types of chicken and that’s due to them being raised in the sunshine. Last but not least, this chicken meat has three times more Omega-3 than usual chicken meat. 

    This chicken meat is tender, tasty, moist, and that’s due to the fact that the birds have only been fed with raw, natural ingredients. These are only some of the available chicken meat options that you can order from Crowd Cow:

    • Pasture-Raised Half Chicken;

    • Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken;

    • Spatchcock Chicken;

    • Pasture-Raised Chicken Breast and Thighs;

    • Pasture-Raised Chicken Drumsticks;

    • Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs.


    Crowd Cow only offers wild-caught or aquaculture seafood and fish and that’s because they want to offer an amazing taste experience to their clients and products that are healthy and delicious. Their seafood has no extra chemicals or antibiotics and the fish is caught through sustainable practices from the coldest United States waters. Minimizing bycatch and providing fresh products are two of the main goals of this company.

    It must be noted that Crowd Cow offers fresh seafood and fish cuts, as well as shellfish, and smoked and cured products. Here are some examples for you to have an idea about their offer:

    • Coho Salmon Whole Fillet;

    • Cobia Portions;

    • Icelandic Arctic Char;

    • Large Wild Mexican Blue Shrimp;

    • Wild Black Cod;

    • Steelhead Trout Fillet;

    • Norwegian Atlantic Salmon;

    • Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops;

    • Wild Maine Lobster Tail;

    • Wild Alaskan Halibut;

    • Wild Alaskan Golden King Crab;

    • Organic Mussels.

    How Much Does Crowd Cow Cost?

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    Custom Box
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $99/serving ($99 total + FREE shipping = $99/week)
    Steak Lover’s Box
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $159/serving ($159 total + FREE shipping = $159/week)
    Japanese Wagyu Box
    1 people, 1 recipes per week
    $249/serving ($249 total + FREE shipping = $249/week)

    At the moment, Crowd Cow offers three different types of recurring subscription boxes. The first one is the Custom Box which, as its name suggests, can be fully personalized according to your meat preferences and the cheapest version starts at $99 and goes up the more products you add to it. 

    The Steak Lover’s Box is primarily intended for those who enjoy eating a nice steak. It costs $159 a month and offers a variety of different cuts. Short ribs, sirloin steaks, ribeye, and filet mignon steak are a few examples.

    At $249 per month, the Japanese Wagyu Box is the most costly. This is primarily for beef enthusiasts, and it contains one of the tastiest sorts of meat in the world. It is famous for its marble-like look, wonderful flavor, and exceptionally soft texture. Don’t forget about the offers that Crowd Cow regularly has and which can help you save some money.

    Diet Friendliness

    There are a lot of different diets that Crowd Cow can be helpful with apart from, obviously, the vegetarian and vegan ones. Here are some diet examples to help you understand how you can introduce the Crowd Cow products into your diet:

    • Omnivore and carnivore diets: People who have a balanced diet containing both vegetables and meat will find the Crowd Cow products very tasty. Their types of meat can become a healthy source of protein that you can enjoy whenever you want;

    • Pescatarian and Mediterranean diets: Both of these diets are based on fish and seafood which Crowd Cow offers too. People who are eating like this can definitely have faith that this company will fulfill their dietary needs with the tastiest fish ever;

    • Keto diet: For people who are fans of the Keto diet, which focuses on protein intake and low-carb food, the Crowd Cow offers exactly what they need. Plus, the great variety o cuts and meat types that they offer will make Keto fans’ job even easier;

    • Paleo diet: Taking into account that following a Paleo diet means only eating clean food that is free of preservatives and additives, this is the right place to order meat from;

    • Flexitarian diet: People following a flexitarian diet do not eat meat regularly but they need to incorporate it for protein from time to time. So, this means that ordering various types of meat from Crowd Cow can be a good solution.

    Add-Ons and More

    Besides the types of meat that Crowd Cow offers, beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, they also have some other products that might interest you. For example, they have cooked dishes that you can order and enjoy without worrying about cooking anything. Some examples include lobster mac & cheese (which you only need to put in the oven and then enjoy), marinated fish, and smoked fish.

    Customer Service

    When it comes to the Crowd Cow customer service, you should know that their official website contains a very helpful FAQs page where you will most probably find the information that you’re looking for. You can contact the company by sending them an e-mail at [email protected] or by sending them a message at (206) 539-0639 and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Crowd Cow Cancellation Policy

    In order to cancel your Crowd Cow subscription, you only need to go to your profile page on the official website and click on “Cancel your membership”. Keep in mind that even if you choose this option, you will still be able to place single orders by checking this option when you reach checkout.

    Crowd Cow Alternatives

    Crowd Cow is a rather unique service that only focuses on meat delivery. This means that there are not many alternatives to it. Still, these following companies either deliver meat (Good Chop) or ingredients that you need to cook by following their recipes. Take a look!

    Meal Kit
    Price / Serving
    Minimum order
    Meal options
    Good Chop
    144 Servings
    4 Servings
    Home Chef
    4 Servings

    Final Verdict

    All in all, Crowd Cow is a great choice if you want clean meat that has no chemicals added to it and which comes from humanely-raised animals. It’s a service that fits a large number of diets and which offers a great variety when it comes to meat and cuts. Even if it may seem a bit pricey for some people, the quality of their products is top-notch and certainly worth every penny. Besides that, their whole ordering process is super easy and quick and they offer three recurring subscription boxes apart from the possibility for individual orders. We conclude that you should definitely try Crowd Cow if you are looking for fresh and clean meat to cook at home.