Home Bistro Review: Does it Deliver a Tasty, Nutritious, Healthy Dinner in 10 Minutes?

    Home Bistro delivers frozen gourmet meals to your door. All you need to do is boil the bag or pop it in the microwave, and presto! Dinner’s ready in just a few minutes. 

    This Home Bistro review covers the meal types you get, and how you prepare them. We also look at the menu options available and compare pricing.

    • Mediterranean
    • Paleo
    • Gourmet Meals
    • Heart-Healthy
    • Athletes & Fitness
    • Low Sodium
    • Vegetarian
    • Paleo
    • Mediterranean
    • Low Carb
    • Gluten Free
    • Diabetic
    • Dairy Free
    • Cancer Support
    Written By: Idan Fadida

    The big question is, why order from Home Bistro? Convenience and good food are the simple answers to this question. 

    So who would benefit from this service?

    • Busy professionals who struggle to find time to shop for groceries.

    • New mums battling to get to grips with an infant.

    • Shift workers that find shops closed when they’re awake.

    • The elderly that can’t easily get around.

    • Those stuck at home due to COVID.

    • People that hate cooking and aren’t good at it.

    For all of these people, receiving high-quality, organic, healthy food that’s already cooked and needs to be warmed will be a huge boon. There are no more guilty feelings, junk food, or unhealthy diets. There’s an alternative, and we will show you how easy it can be.

    What is Home Bistro?

    Home Bistro is a meal preparation company that delivers frozen meals to your doorstep. The company prides itself on preparing restaurant-quality food, with ingredients sourced from the freshest and healthiest sources. 

    Home Bistro recipes suit all dietary requirements, including Paleo, Vegan, Diabetic, Heart Healthy, and smaller meals for those with small appetites. The  menu is structured so that you can easily find the meals that suit your specific needs.

    Home Bistro Pros & Cons

    Let’s look at the pros and cons of this service.

    • Home Bistro meals are made from natural ingredients
    • Meals are easy to prepare at home
    • A wide variety of Home Bistro recipe choices to suit all dietary needs
    • Heart-healthy meals to suit medical conditions such as diabetes
    • Households can serve completely different meals at the same time
    • Meats used are free-range and guaranteed antibiotic, hormone, and steroid free
    • No contracts or subscriptions required
    • No refunds and no returns possible
    • Cost of meals
    • The texture of the food can be off-putting to some people, as it isn’t crispy
    • Instructions only printed in English

    Who is Home Bistro Good For?

    This service will suit a wide variety of households:

    • Busy Professionals: These plans are great for busy professionals who find it challenging to shop for groceries and then prepare healthy, nutritious meals when returning home from a long day.

    • Elderly: Older people living alone find it difficult to get to a grocery store. Also, buying and preparing food in small quantities can be frustrating and wasteful. The Home Bistro menu selections will ensure they eat good quality, nutritious meals with minor inconvenience.

    • Specialized Diets: People that follow specialized diets often find it difficult to find right ingredients in their local stores. Home Bistro meal delivery will send vegetarian, Paleo, diabetic, or heart-healthy dishes that adhere to their needs. Its recipes are also an easy way to explore alternative foods without buying lots of ingredients that you may not use again.

    • Shift Workers: Many shift workers find that their local stores selling fresh food are shut when they get off work, making it difficult to eat a healthy diet. Home Bistro meal delivery will ensure that those healthy meals are delivered to the door with no fuss, saving you time and energy so you don’t have to run around searching for ingredients.

    • Special Occasions: Suppose you have a special occasion coming up, and you want a gourmet meal for the evening? In that case, this is a perfect way to impress without trying to prepare a meal yourself.

    Who Isn’t Home Bistro Good For?

    Home Bistro will not suit every household.

    • Enthusiastic Cooks: The meals from Home Bistro come wholly prepared, and each bag needs to be either warmed in boiling water or placed in the microwave for a few minutes. This won’t suit the enthusiastic cook who would like to be involved with actually cooking the meal.

    • Cost-Conscious Households: These meals are billed as restaurant quality, gourmet meals, and they come with a commensurate cost. This won’t satisfy all households.

    How Home Bistro Works?

    Home Bistro meal delivery blends a simple to use ordering service that delivers high-quality frozen foods directly to your doorstep. All you’re required to do is pop the individual bags into the microwave or a pot of boiling water to heat.


    We Cook & Deliver

    Heat up

    Home Bistro Website

    The website is clean and very intuitive. It’s simple to use, and the Home Bistro menu options are clearly laid out and easy to find

    In the Individual Meals section, you can click on a particular recipe to bring up all the dish information. There’s a clear photograph, and alongside the picture is a concise description of the food included in the meal. 

    Also included on the page is the Nutritional Information, listing the serving size, calories, fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins.


    Creating an account / Sign-up

    The signup process was straightforward. The information requested was standard for most online retail platforms. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to sign on using your social media credentials. There’s no opportunity to check out as a guest. From your first order, you must set up an account.


    Home Bistro Meal Plans and Meal Selection Options

    Selecting the food that you want to order is a simple process, and there are many options. You can  order once or set up a subscription so the system will automatically send your meals.

    • Individual Meals: 45 Home Bistro meals are listed alphabetically, and they can be selected by choosing a specific ingredient.

    • Best Sellers: This lists those individual meals and combos that are most popular.

    • Meal Combos: Include options such as 10, 12, 14, or 20 individual meals that you can choose or meals that fit a specific dietary requirement, petite meals for those with a small appetite, meals suitable for couples.

    • Dietary Preferences: It’s simple to choose Home Bistro meals that suit a specific dietary requirement. Meals can be selected to fit Paleo, Vegetarian, diabetic diets, healthy heart diets, and weight loss eating plans.

    • Cat Cora Meals: The meal plans include many recipes provided by the world-renowned chef Cat Cora. These signature dishes are slightly more expensive than the traditional dishes.


    Home Bistro Meal Types

    Home Bistro has not ventured into a wide range of meal types.  A Mediterranean flavor underpins almost all the recipes. There are no strictly vegan options, but there are vegetarian options.

    The Home Bistro meals supplied are suitable for lunch or dinner, and there are no breakfast options.

    Choosing Home Bistro Recipes

    Home Bistro offers a wide range of recipes that are sure to suit all palates. Almost all recipes contain a protein, a vegetable, and a starch. These are carefully balanced to ensure a flavorsome, nutritionally balanced meal. The choices include steak, fish, chicken, pork, shellfish, and vegetable, with side dishes chosen to compliment the main item.  

    Their association with Cat Cora provides some different recipes that make an exciting change to everyday dining. This highly regarded chef has placed her spin on the meals, but they’re dispatched and warmed like all the other meals.

    How Much Does Home Bistro Cost?

    All the Home Bistro menus offer both a once-off and a subscription price. The subscription price per meal is approximately 10 percent cheaper than the cost of the one-off purchase.

    Free shipping is offered for two to four-day day delivery. This sounds good, but consider where you live and the implications of four-day delivery, especially in the height of summer. The additional cost of overnight delivery may well be in your best interest. 

    It isn’t easy to calculate the weekly cost of deliveries as Home Bistro prices its offerings on a per meal basis. We’ve listed individual serving prices that will make it simple to calculate the cost per week for your particular circumstances.

    Servings and Recipes/Week
    Total Cost
    - Table for Two
    2 people, 20 recipes per week
    $18.79/serving ($751.6 total + $3.99 shipping = $755.59/week)
    - Table for Two
    2 people, 14 recipes per week
    $23.00/serving ($644 total + $5.4 shipping = $649.4/week)
    - La Petite Meals
    1 people, 7 recipes per week
    $31.10/serving ($217.7 total + $8.10 shipping = $225.8/week)
    - Vegetarian Meals
    1 people, 10 recipes per week
    $13.29/serving ($132.9 total + $6.5 shipping = $139.4/week)
    - Lunch & Dinner Collection
    1 people, 14 recipes per week
    $17.14/serving ($239.96 total + $5.4 shipping = $245.36/week)
    - Cat Cora Collection
    1 people, 7 recipes per week
    $24.99/serving ($174.93 total + $7.89 shipping = $182.82/week)
    - Cat Cora -Table for Two Collection
    2 people, 10 recipes per week
    $49.99/serving ($999.8 total + $5.5 shipping = $1005.3/week)
    - Cat Cora -all meals designed by Cat Cora
    1 people, 20 recipes per week
    $22.99/serving ($459.8 total + $2.7 shipping = $462.5/week)

    Diet Friendliness

    One of the strong points from Home Bistro is their selection of dishes that suit differing dietary requirements.

    • Vegetarian: There’s a selection of meals that suit vegetarian taste, but there are no vegan options. Also, note that the vegetarian meals will include dairy products, honey, and eggs. Vegetarian meals will cost just under $20.00 per meal (including shipping).

    • Diabetes-Friendly: There is a combo of 10 meals designed for the diabeticד. All of the nutritional information is listed, so they can determine which dishes they can consume. Diabetic-friendly meals will each cost $24.45 (including shipping).

    • Paleo Diet: There are 10 meals designed to suit diners following the Paleo diet. These options have proteins, along with vegetables. Each meal will cost $26.95 (including shipping).

    • Weight-Loss or Carb-Conscious Meals: Home Bistro can supply six healthy meals designed to help you lose weight. The recipes are accompanied by Nutritional Information sheets. This makes it easy for customers to calculate calories or look at individual servings for carbohydrates, fats, or sugar content.

    • Mediterranean Diet: Many of the Home Bistro recipes are based upon a healthy Mediterranean diet. Again, the Nutritional Information sheets and ingredient lists will help the diner select those dishes that best meet their requirements.

    Add-Ons: Wine & More

    Home Bistro offers no add-on products. It offers a Gift Certificate so you can surprise someone with these meals.

    Home Bistro Customer Service

    An important part of the Home Bistro reviews is how they treat their customers. The website has an email form that you can fill out if you have a question about your order. The company also provides an email address that you can use if you have a complaint.  

    Home Bistro acknowledged the difficulty in sourcing certain items during the COVID pandemic. They indicate that if they can’t supply a specific dish, it will be substituted with a similar or more expensive option. 

    One thing that is missing in Home Bistro customer service is a telephone number to call with queries. You received a satisfactory response to all your email queries, but for an anxious customer, a telephone call would be preferable. For example, when you need a quick response in case your order was incorrect or delivered on the wrong date.

    Home Bistro’s Cancellation Policy

    To cancel a subscription order, the customer will need to use the email form supplied on the website. Home Bistro has a strict No Refund Policy but supplies an email address that can be used for incorrect orders or complaints about the quality.

    Home Bistro Alternative

    Home Bistro isn’t the only company that offers this type of food delivery service, so let’s look at some of the Home Bistro alternatives..

    This affordable meal delivery service might not have enough dietary choices to wet your whistle. If you are tired of eating the same 12 meals each week, you could try an alternative meal delivery service. Check out these Blue Apron alternatives.

    Meal Kit
    Price / Serving
    Minimum order
    Meal options
    4 Servings
    Home Chef
    4 Servings
    4 Servings
    Bistro MD
    20 Servings


    There’s little doubt that Home Bistro provides an extremely high-quality service. The website is clean, clear, and simple to use, with all the information about meals at your fingertips. Ordering was simple, and the package was delivered as promised. The contents arrived in good condition, and the reconstitution and warming couldn’t have been more simple. 

    All this is good stuff, but it would all have been for naught if the food hadn’t delivered on its promise. The meals that I ordered were top quality, the proteins firm and tasty, and the side dishes were well prepared and warmed successfully. The sauces were a flavorsome complement to the meals.

    This is a highly professional service, and the price of the meals reflects that quality. It certainly won’t suit everyone’s budget, but the fact that you can order once-off and select individual meals will make it a desirable prospect for those special occasions. A dinner party or celebration will be effortless with this service to help you, and you can be assured that the food will be top class. All you’ll have to do is select the wine and find a lovely dessert (if the promised association with Red Velvet hasn’t come to fruition yet!). 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is Home Bistro Worth the Price?

    Yes, the food is certainly worth the price.

    Is Home Bistro Healthy?

    The food produced by this company covers a wide range of offerings, some healthier than others. Each recipe is accompanied by complete Nutritional Information to allow the wellness-conscious consumer to assess the calorie and nutritional content before ordering. There are pre-selected groups of dishes to cover people concerned about heart health or diabetes.

    Does Home Bistro Deliver Every Day?

    Home Bistro delivers Wednesday to Saturday.

    Does Home Bistro Have Gluten-Free?

    No, Home Bistro does not offer gluten-free meals.

    Is Home Bistro Organic?

    Yes, all the ingredients used by Home Bistro are organically sourced.