Ready to Eat Meal Delivery Is What You Have Been Waiting For

    Skip the hassle of making meals from scratch and opt for ready-to-eat meal delivery. They save time and energy, as you don’t need to go shopping for groceries, prepare the food, or cleanup afterward. To help you decide which ready-to-eat meal to choose, our expert foodies have ordered, relished, scrutinized, and scored dozens of ready-to-eat meal providers. On this page, you’ll discover our pick for the top ready-to-eat meal providers.   

    Ready to Eat Meal Delivery Is What You Have Been Waiting For
    Written By: Kazi

    The benefits of ready-to-eat meal delivery are practically endless. To begin with, by ordering ready-to-eat meals you can avoid standing in line to buy groceries, slaving over a stove, and cleaning up the mess afterwards. However, one of the best advantages of meal delivery services is that their recipes are healthier than store-bought counterparts. Healthy and convenient! That’s a win-win combination. So, how do you sign up for these ready-to-eat meal deliveries? Browse the best options below to determine which meal subscription is right for you.  

    Overall Best Ready to Eat Meal Kit Delivery Services
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

    Overall Best Prepared Ready To Eat Meal Delivery Services
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

    Overall Best Ready to Eat Meal Kit Delivery Services
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

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    Starting price

    $8.49 / per serving
    • 4-12 meals per week
    • The meal options vary each week.
    • Microwavable in 3 minutes
    • Gluten-free, low sodium
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Athletes & Fitness Athletes & Fitness
    • Keto Keto
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    Overall Best Prepared Ready To Eat Meal Delivery Services
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

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    Starting price

    $11 / per serving
    • 4-18 meals per week
    • It depends on the meal.
    • Never frozen meals from a chef
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Paleo Paleo
    • Athletes & Fitness Athletes & Fitness
    • Keto Keto
    • Plant Based Plant Based
    • Dairy Free Dairy Free
    Check Our Top 5 Prepared Ready To Eat Meal Delivery Services

    The factors we use to rank top ready-to-eat meal service provides

    We have assembled our list of ready-to-eat meal delivery services based on the following criteria:

    • Number of Weekly Meal Options– How much does each meal cost? Is a subscription needed?

    • Prep & Cook Time– How long do you need to wait until you can feast?

    • Shipping Options and Cost – How much does shipping cost? What are the sizes of the portions?

    • Meal Variety and Meal Types – How many options do you have to select from?

    • Cost-How much does each ready-to-eat serving cost? Is a subscription needed?

    Note: Great quality meats are, for example, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, cage-free eggs, and sustainably sourced seafood. Raising or harvesting meat is thus considered to be more ethical than traditional farming practices, and grass-fed beef and cage-free eggs may have more nutrients than their conventional counterparts. 

    How do Ready-To-Eat Prepared Meals & Ready-To-Eat Meal Kits Work?

    A ready-to-eat meal kit comes with all the ingredients you need to cook healthy meals to meet your specific dietary requirements. On the other hand, prepared ready-to-eat meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon delivery . 

    It is nice to know what to expect when you order ready-made (prepared) ready-to-eat meal. To start with, they generally come in plastic black trays and are designed to be reheated in the microwave. Prepared ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door can still make for a delicious lunch or dinner, however, many people note that they can be less visually pleasing than freshly cooked meals. They may also have less crunch and texture. 

    The best delivery ready-to-eat meals are those that feature nutritional information that aligns with your health aims. Good meal providers should also deliver at a time that suits you and must offer you the level of flexibility you need. Consider all these factors before you choose a ready-to-eat meal provider. 

    Best Ready To Eat Meal Kit Services For 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Home Chef

    Do you want to impress your family — and even yourself — with flavorful recipes? Nobody has to know how easy the prep and cooking process was either. It can be your little secret thanks to Home Chef’s meal delivery.

    Good for… Simple yet flavorful meals.
    Not good for… Are you curious about your meat products? Maybe you care an awful lot about how your veggies are grown. If so, then this is not the meal delivery service for you – as Home Chef doesn’t give you information about the source of their produce.
    Avg. Meal Price $6.99 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time 15-30 minutes
    Shipping Cost $13.99
    Shipping Regions Everywhere in the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii
    Sample Meals
    • Garlic pepper chicken and Lemon herb butter with parmesan and pea Risotto
    • Sweet chili-ginger pork and broccoli stir-fry
    • Korean-style pulled pork sandwiches with orange sesame slaw

    Home Chef is one of the more affordable services out there. Their meals also have a lot of flavor, which they pack into every bite.

    The Bottom Line

    Home Chef offers a straightforward way to cook meals on a daily basis. There’s very little clean-up involved, so you can cook, eat, and then spend the rest of your evening relaxing, instead of washing dishes.

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    2. Blue Apron

    You have probably heard of this popular meal delivery service. Order meals at a rate you can afford, thanks to free shipping. Also, let’s not forget that all of the ingredients used in these ready-to-eat meal packs come from responsible sources.

    Good for… Healthy, quality ingredients for couples or families
    Not good for…  If you enjoy cooking, this meal delivery service might be a tad on the dull side.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.49 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time 20-30 minutes
    Shipping Cost Most of the meal plans offer free shipping.
    Shipping Regions Delivery is available throughout the contiguous United States.
    Sample Meals
    • Calabrian shrimp and pancetta pasta with asparagus and lemon ricotta
    • Charred gochujang pork chops with sour cherry soy sauce and ginger-honey carrots
    • Grilled steaks and chile butter with rosemary fingerling potatoes and asparagus

    Blue Apron offers simple-to-prepare meals. Your family will be happy to feast on these meals every night. Also, if you have more time on any given evening, try a meal card with a longer prep time. 

    The Bottom Line

    Blue Apron is an affordable ready to eat meal delivery, perfect for first-timers. Most plans offer free shipping, and average meal prices are just $7.49 each.  

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    3. Martha & Marley Spoon

    If the name Martha sounds familiar, it may be because you are thinking of Martha Stewart. She collaborated to create delicious fresh meals that you can order straight to your doorstep. The meal prices are not just for the rich and famous, either.

    Good for… Fast, easy meals that are still healthy.
    Not good for… Since these meals focus on nutrition and portions, they might lack the seasonings you desire. In other words, they can be a bit bland.
    Avg. Meal Price $5.99 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time 30-40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions It serves most of the contiguous states of North America.
    Sample Meals
    • Barbecue chicken with cheddar cornbread and quick-pickled green beans
    • Grilled double patty cheeseburger with roasted potato wedges and spicy mayo
    • Low-cal pork tenderloin with two-bean salad and lemon dressing

    You can create your own Martha-inspired recipe books by saving all of the menu cards from this meal delivery service. They list everything you need to know and are straightforward to follow.

    The Bottom Line

    You can eat like an A-list celeb thanks to this affordable meal delivery service. The best part is that you can complete all of the meals in just six basic steps. No matter your cooking level, you can create delicious meals for you and your family.

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    4. HelloFresh

    Do you know Mindy Kaling? She is a hailiours actress who features this meal-kit service in many episodes of Meals with Mindy. The HelloFresh service is very easy to use, which makes it popular throughout the country for ready-to-eat meal delivery services. 

    Good for… Approachable, simple-to-make meal kits
    Not good for… Is variety the spice of your life? If so, HelloFresh may not be for you. While convenient and approachable, these meal kits have standard meals that won’t fix your gourmet cravings anytime soon.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.49-8.99 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time 30 minutes or less
    Shipping Cost $8
    Shipping Regions Available throughout the contiguous United States
    Sample Meals
    • Yogurt-marinated chicken & garlic Sauce plus lemony couscous & chili-roasted carrots
    • Sun-dried tomato spaghetti with fresh herbs, almonds & parmesan
    • Thai shrimp with candied peanut over sesame cabbage & arugula salad

    If you’re just learning to cook, you’ll enjoy the ease of making food with these meal kits. This ready-to-eat meal delivery service takes the guesswork out of the process, breaking it down step by step and coming with pre-measured ingredients.

    The Bottom Line

    HelloFresh is great for beginning home cooks who like a little extra assistance in the kitchen and families who are short on cooking time. At about $8 per meal, this service is more affordable than many — but keep in mind that meal options are not very imaginative.

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    5. Sunbasket

    For those who prefer organic, sustainably-grown food, Sunbasket is a great option. This service uses organic, seasonal produce, sustainably sourced fish, and responsibly-raised meats to create nutritious meals without skimping on variety.

    Good for… Earth-friendly and healthy ingredients
    Not good for… Sunbasket’s high prices are not for everyone, especially considering the additional shipping costs. Those who value price over the sourcing of ingredients would do better choosing a different meal service provider.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.99-13.99 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time 3 minutes for ready-to-eat meals; 15-40 minutes for meal kits
    Shipping Cost Free on first delivery; $7.99 thereafter
    Shipping Regions Delivers to all zip codes in the United States excluding those in AK, HI, MT, and parts of NM
    Sample Meals
    • Mojo pork tacos with pickled onions and salsa verde
    • Tempeh falafel lettuce cups with Kalamata olives and pickled onion
    • Montreal steaks with green goddess chopped salad

    Families with less predictable eating habits can subscribe to the family menu, which has a fixed price of $10.99 per serving no matter how many recipes you order per week.

    The Bottom Line

    Sunbasket has an “environmentally-friendly” approach, although they still use plastic packaging. Its variety of worldwide-cuisines  and customizability for any particular diet add excitement to any meal plan.

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    Best Prepared Ready To Eat Meal Delivery Services For 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Factor75

    Do you want healthy meals, and a vast selection? If yes, then this meal-delivery service might be the right one for you. Factor75 offers over 20 different meal options every week. You can dine on delicious recipes without ever eating the same thing twice.

    Good for… Healthy meals with vegan options.
    Not good for… Are you trying to lower your fat intake? If you want to shed a few pounds, this meal delivery might not be suitable for you.
    Avg. Meal Price $11.00 to $15.00 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time It depends on the meal.
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Everywhere in the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii
    Sample Meals
    • Tomato and roasted vegetable risotto
    • Charred corn Elote bowl
    • Green chile chicken with queso blanco

    Although these meals contain fat, they are accurate to the portion size. In fact, you might even be hungry after eating your entire meal. The pre-portion sized meals can take time to get used to.

    The Bottom Line

    You can count and control your calories using this pre-portioned meal system. However, you will still be able to enjoy snacks and other comfort food that you may crave. 

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    2. Freshly

    Freshly offers ready-to-eat meal delivery for those who don’t want to waste time in the kitchen after a long day at work. You don’t have to sacrifice nutrition! Feast on meals high in protein and low in carbs. You will leave the table feeling full but healthy.

    Good for… Independent people who want to eat healthily.
    Not good for… If you cannot afford to pay upward of $24 per meal, then you should skip this ready-to-eat meal delivery option.
    Avg. Meal Price $8.49 to $11.49
    Prep & Cook Time Approximately 3 minutes in the microwave
    Shipping Cost $3.99-$12.11
    Shipping Regions The entire U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
    Sample Meals
    • Swede-ish meatballs with cream sauce and masterful mash
    • Crave-no-more shepherd’s pie with ground beef and cauli-butternut mash
    • Honey mustard chicken bowl with bright veggie medley

    Freshly makes it easy for you to decide which meals are suitable for you from their different menu choices. With so many offerings, you may find it challenging to pick just a small handful of meals. But any meal you choose will be delicious.

    The Bottom Line

    When it comes to meal options, Freshly is fantastic. They have almost every meal you could imagine. Furthermore, you will receive your meals in healthy portions, so you’ll never feel bad about what you’re eating.

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    3. Fresh N’ Lean

    Fresh N’ Lean offers a ready-to-eat meal delivery service. It is ideal for those who want to eat healthily and follow a diet. However, you might struggle to find yummy, easy recipes. Not only that, but this delivery service offers certain meal plans to follow like high-protein, paleo, keto, vegan or low-carb vegan diets.

    Good for… Meals for any lifestyle
    Not good for… If you’re looking for a budget-friendly meal delivery option, these meals are not for you. Fresh N’ Lean meals are pricier than many other meal services.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.41-14.75 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time 2-3 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Delivers anywhere in the United States
    Sample Meals
    • Chili-lime tofu with rice and broccoli Sweet chili-ginger pork and broccoli stir-fry
    • Braised beef with vegetables and coconut-cilantro sauce
    • Chicken breast with cremini mushrooms and tomatoes over rice

    You can opt for bi-weekly deliveries if you like to switch up your ready-to-eat meal service with home cooking.

    The Bottom Line

    No more searching for recipes and ingredients to fit in with your diet or healthy lifestyle – Fresh N’ Lean makes it easy with their ready-to-eat, high-quality meals. With microwavable meals that are ready in a few minutes, you can focus on the better things: eating and relaxing.

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    4. RealEats

    Just because meals are easy to prepare doesn’t mean they should lack flavor. Founded by a busy single dad, RealEats’s ready-to-eat meal delivery service combines both convenience and quality with Michelin-star meals that are sure to satisfy any family.

    Good for… Michelin-star, chef-quality meals
    Not good for… Variety is not the strong point of RealEats’s menu. All meals are designed to be prepared via one cooking method, sous vide and are often meat-focused. Meals are also not tailored to specific dietary needs, so watch out if you are vegan, gluten-free, or are on another restricted diet.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.50-10.50 per meal (1 serving per meal)
    Prep & Cook Time 3-6 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Most of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and parts of the southern United States
    Sample Meals
    • Seared lime shrimp with organic brown rice noodle Pad Thai
    • Local squash & chickpea curry with organic quinoa & toasted pepitas
    • Grass-fed green chili beef with cilantro corn & organic garlic rice

    You can choose a meal plan that combines dinner and breakfast options and can also order add-ons such as snacks and smoothie drinks.

    The Bottom Line

    RealEats is an excellent option for busy families looking for high quality at a reasonable price. You can read detailed nutritional information to make sure the meals meet your health expectations — but know that there are a limited amount of vegetarian meal items.

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    5. CookUnity

    If you want to eat chef-inspired meals that taste like they do in a restaurant, then CookUnity is for you. If you don’t have the equipment or know-how to make your own chef-style meals, order CookUnity’s ready-to-eat meals. You will get delicious meals that you simply have to warm up, all from a private chef, but without the expense!

    Good for… Meals prepared by independent, local chefs
    Not good for… Families who need large meal portions may find this service lacking, as each meal only serves one person.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.49-13.49 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time Varies depending on meal
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States
    Sample Meals
    • The Impossible burger on a brioche bun
    • Lamb kebab with turmeric hummus and roasted sweet potatoes
    • Bulgogi ramen

    Your list of meals is tailored to your food preferences and health goals. Whatever your goals may be – weight loss, overall wellness, vegetarianism – CookUnity will make reaching these aims easy.

    The Bottom Line

    For those foodies craving restaurant-quality meals that highlight local chefs and farms, CookUnity is for you. You will never get bored of your meals, or get off track with your lifestyle goals with these weekly rotating meals, tailored to your tastes.

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    How To Choose the Best Ready To Eat Meal Delivery Service

    • How long before you can feast?You can prepare the meals in a matter of minutes. It’s all dependent on which provider you select and the kind of meals you add to your weekly box. Many meal delivery services have more complex dishes beyond ready to eat ones, so make sure you select the meals that best fit your needs.

    • Can I change my meal selection to a different plan?Yes, depending on the meal delivery service you select. It also depends on when you decide to change your meal selection; you cannot pick a new meal after your weekly choices are in the process of being delivered. In such cases, you will need to wait for the new week and prepare a new menu.

    • Are ready-to-eat meals always frozen?Most of the time, they are frozen to ensure that the cooked meals do not spoil in transit. That way, you don’t need to be home to receive the package. You cannot expect ice packs or dry ice to keep your meals fresh.


    Whether you wish to create meals from scratch or simply put them in the microwave, these delivery services give you the flexibility of choice. Say goodbye to hours of defrosting meat or chopping veggies. With ready-to-eat meal delivery, you simply pick up your package at the front door, then follow the recipe card, and in a matter of minutes, your delicious dinner is ready. It will be like you just ordered food to go from a fancy restaurant. However, you should be proud to know that you prepared it yourself, without paying a hefty price! 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How are ready-to-eat meals packaged?

    Meal kits are usually packaged in either dry ice or with freezer packs to ensure that your foods remain fresh. However, you might also consider plastic wrapping. Some meal delivery services individually wrap every ingredient to ensure freshness. While this concept has benefits, you might not favor that method if you are environmentally conscious. Perhaps you should browse the meal delivery website or reach out to customer service to learn more about these packaging details.

    What is the most affordable ready-to-eat meal delivery?

    Martha & Marley Spoon offers the cheapest. You pay about $5.99 per serving using this food subscription. However, that does not include the shipping rate, which is another $8.99.