The Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services 2021

    Switching to a pescatarian diet can be tough, especially since seafood can be notoriously difficult to prepare well. That’s why we dispatched our foodie experts across the meal delivery industry to find the best services to help you make the switch. They munched their way through dozens of services and narrowed the winners down on our list below.

    The Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Services 2021
    Written By: Kazi

    Being on a pescatarian diet doesn’t mean you have to eat fish and seafood every day. It simply means you’re cutting out all meat products from your diet. Meal delivery services can be a real lifesaver for those new to the concept and can enable even novice chefs to prepare gourmet-level meals. 

    Pescatarians get the health benefits found from protein and essential omega-3 fats found in seafood, whilst also upping their veg intake significantly. We’ve tracked down a selection of prepared meals and meal kits. This should help those looking for convenience as well as people that like to spend time cooking.

    Overall Best Pescatarian Prepared Meal Delivery Service
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

    Overall Best Pescatarian Meal Kit Delivery Service
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

    Overall Best Pescatarian Prepared Meal Delivery Service
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

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    Starting price

    $11 / per serving
    • Choose 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 meals each week
    • Ready in 2 - 5 minutes
    • Free shipping
    • Organic and vegan meals
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Paleo Paleo
    • Athletes & Fitness Athletes & Fitness
    • Keto Keto
    • Plant Based Plant Based
    • Dairy Free Dairy Free
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    Overall Best Pescatarian Meal Kit Delivery Service
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

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    Starting price

    $6.99 / per serving
    • Fresh ingredients
    • Free delivery on orders over $45
    • Two, four, or six servings for up to six people per week
    • Low-carb and calorie-conscious options available
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Soy free Soy free
    • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    • Low Carb Low Carb
    • Low Calorie Low Calorie
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    The Factors We Use to Rank Top Pescatarian Meal Service Providers

    • Meal variety and types– This is probably our most important consideration as vegetarians and pescatarians have historically been underserved in the instant meal market. We ensure our picks have a good mix of home-cooked classics as well as some more exciting dishes to spice up your dinnertime

    • Price – We know it can be pricey to stick with some meal delivery services on a regular basis, so we’ve chosen platforms that should suit any budget. Plus, once the convenience of home delivery is factored in many customers find they actually save time and money

    • Prep and cook time – Some people are looking for instant meals, while others like to take their time in the kitchen, savoring the cooking process. We’ve got a mix of both and everything in between to satisfy all tastes

    • Weekly meal options– Pescatairans can be pretty flexible and have a lot of options open to them. Many will find platforms that offer multiple meal plans that will suit different schedules. That being said, we’ve included those that can cover every meal of the week too

    How Do Pescatarian Prepared Meals and Meal Kits Work?

    • Prepared meals– This should be the go-to choice for anyone looking for convenience. Each prepared dish has been precooked and all you need to do is pop it in the microwave when it arrives. Meals are cooked fresh, so you’re not losing out on any nutrition

    • Meal kits– Designed for those that love to cook as well as people looking to try it as a new hobby. Meal kits contain a number of pre-portioned ingredients along with a set of instructions and you’ll cook the meal from scratch yourself. All ingredients are delivered fresh, so you’ll need to get everything made in the week the box arrives

    Best Pescatairan Prepared Meal Delivery Services for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Factor 75

    Factor 75 is a little more expensive than the other providers on our list but you’re paying for very high-quality ingredients. All produce is locally and ethically sourced, free from GMOs, and has a high nutritional content.

    Good for… Busy people that want to get healthy meals into their diets.
    Not good for… Budget shoppers. At around $12.50 per meal Factor 75 might be a little too expensive for some.
    Avg. Meal Price $12.50
    Prep & Cook Time Two - Five minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Mustard salmon
    • Salmon with roasted mango salsa taco bowl

    If you don’t want to try a full-time pescetarian diet you can instead try low-carb, keto, and low-calorie options too.

    The Bottom Line

    Factor 75 definitely has one of the best menus we’ve seen for pescatarians. With constant weekly menu rotations, you’ll always find something new to try and you’ll definitely start to feel healthier given the sheer quality of the ingredients.

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    2. Good Kitchen

    Good Kitchen is a fully a la carte delivery service with at least five weekly seafood options and numerous veggie dishes on offer each week. All ingredients are ethically sourced and are packed with micronutrients.

    Good for…

    Healthy eaters

    Not good for… Vegans. While pescatarians and vegetarians are well catered for, the menu stops short of providing vegan options.
    Avg. Meal Price Around $13.99 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time Four minutes
    Shipping Cost $6.99
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Shrimp creole over rice
    • BBQ rubbed salmon with sweet potato hash
    • Citrus shrimp with steamed broccoli

    Those that choose the ‘order family style’ option will be able to use the platform more like an online grocery store. You don’t need to follow the provider’s own recipes and can buy individual seafood and veg packs to make your own dishes.

    The Bottom Line

    Good Kitchen has a very respectable range of pescatarian options and the flexibility of the a la carte menu means customers can use the service as and when they need it, without being committed to weekly subscriptions.

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    3. Top Chef Meals

    Top Chef is our second a la carte offering to make the list and you’ll find a very impressive 16 seafood options to pick from each week. All dishes are GMO-free and contain no trans-fats or artificial ingredients.

    Good for… Dieters looking for flexibility
    Not good for… Shipping cost. While the meals themselves are inexpensive, the shipping charge could be quite significant depending on your location.
    Avg. Meal Price Around $8.99 per serving
    Prep & Cook Time Two to five minutes
    Shipping Cost Up to $19.95 depending on location
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Cajun grilled shrimp skewers
    • Grilled salmon and veg
    • Salmon burger

    Top Chef Meals isn’t just for Pescatarians. You’ll find a number of specialist diets including diabetes-friendly, paleo, low-carb, low-sodium, and low-fat options too. 

    The Bottom Line

    We really love the total freedom you get to pick and choose from the extensive menu. You can mix and match as many breakfasts, entrees, lunches, and dinners as you’d like, all without committing to a long-term subscription.

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    4. Home Bistro

    Home Bistro is at the gourmet end of the prepared meal market and you can purchase individual meals or buy packages to cover certain diets. It might be expensive for some but is definitely worth an occasional treat given the quality of the dishes.

    Good for… Gourmet meals
    Not good for… Those on a budget. Single servings average out at around $23 per meal so it might not be the best platform for regular weekly deliveries.
    Avg. Meal Price $23 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time Just a few minutes
    Shipping Cost Free shipping
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Fire-grilled salmon with lemon caper piccata sauce, lentil rice, and Brussels sprouts
    • Spicy harissa roasted shrimp
    • Shrimp with romesco sauce and Lebanese rice

    You’ll find a host of recipes that’ve been developed by the first-ever female winner of Iron Chef, Cat Cora. These are a real treat and highly recommended. 

    The Bottom Line

    Home Bistro is the perfect choice for pescatarians looking for a gourmet experience. You might want to use another platform for your regular meals but switch to Home Bistro every so often for something more exciting.

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    5. Real Eats

    All of Real Eat’s meals are chef-prepared and made from local produce and ethically sourced seafood. Pescatarian options aren’t as extensive as other providers on the list but the platform makes up for it with a host of great extras and tasty treats.

    Good for…

    Extras and add-ons

    Not good for… pping regions. Currently Real Eats only ships to 23 states, largely across the east coast. It’s steadily expanding its services, though, so if you live outside the catchment range you should keep an eye out for services near you soon.
    Avg. Meal Price $11.99
    Prep & Cook Time 2 - 5 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Currently 23 states, largely on the east coast.
    Sample Meals
    • Seared tofu and romesco
    • Shrimp and smoky creamy grits
    • Stir-fry salmon bowl

    You can pad out your pescatarian options with extra protein and veg packs like seared wild-caught shrimp and kale and beet greens. Or, treat yourself with organic coconut cookies and a range of delicious smoothies.

    The Bottom Line

    With a respectable range of pescatarian meals alongside one of the most extensive ranges of extras on our list, Real Eats makes a solid choice for anyone new to the diet.

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    Best Pescatarian Meal Kit Delivery Services for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Home Chef

    Home Chef takes our top spot for affordability, variety, and flexibility. You’ll find at least two to three seafood options on the menu each week as well as a host of vegetarian dishes, making it an excellent choice for pescetarians that like to cook.

    Good for…

    People looking for customization options

    Not good for… Vegans and specialist dieters. There are plenty of seafood and veggie options on offer, but very little for vegans and other specialist dieters.
    Avg. Meal Price $6.99
    Prep & Cook Time 10 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost Varies by state, but free for orders of more than $45
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Ahi tuna Toscana and creamy parmesan risotto
    • Rockefeller salmon
    • Huli Huli tofu rice bowl

    You can customize your protein and select your preferred protein sources from each dish. This gives you the flexibility to switch between seafood and plant-based options as you’d like.

    The Bottom Line

    At such low prices it’s really hard to go wrong at Home Chef. The weekly menu has around 20 items in total which rotate each week, meaning pescatarians should always have something interesting to sample.

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    2. Sunbasket

    Sunbasket is well-known in the industry for its consistently delicious meals, great customer service, and providing 100% organic dishes. It has a separate vegan menu to filter on, and seafood dishes are scattered across all meal categories. Some weeks have more options than others, but that’s all part of the fun of discovering new tastes.

    Good for… People that love extras
    Not good for… Food allergies. Sunbasket doesn’t yet cater to severe allergies. Although you can find soy, gluten, and dairy-free options on offer.
    Avg. Meal Price $11.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $6.99
    Shipping Regions Continental US only (excluding Montana and parts of New Mexico)
    Sample Meals
    • Hanoi stir fry with zucchini and bell pepper
    • Jumbo shrimp bourride with lemon aioli and ciabatta toasts

    Sunbasket operates on a ‘sustainable to the core’ ethos. This means each meal generates 33% fewer carbon emissions than a standard grocery store equivalent and the platform works with local farmers and fishermen to source produce.

    The Bottom Line

    Sunbasket is USDA organic certified, offers gourmet quality dishes, and won’t break the bank. The flexible menu means both committed pescatarians and newbies can give the diet a try.

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    3. HungryRoot

    HungryRoot is an online grocery store with more than 3,000 ingredients available, including plenty of fresh fish and veg. You can choose every ingredient yourself, or pick from one of the hundreds of recipes and the platform will autofill your basket with everything you need to cook that dish.

    Good for… Flexibility and variety
    Not good for… Simplicity. HungryRoot’s system can be a little complicated to get to grips with at first. You pay for ‘credits’ which can then be used to shop for various meals and ingredients.
    Avg. Meal Price $9.99
    Prep & Cook Time 10 - 20 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Ceaser salmon and roasted beets
    • Herby shrimp and fajita rice bowl
    • Super zucchini falafel bowl

    HungryRoot claims you’ll be able to shave around $22 off the average weekly grocery shop, all with the added convenience of free home delivery.

    The Bottom Line

    You could easily manage a full-time pescatarian diet using HungryRoot. It might take a little while to get used to the system and the sometimes overwhelming amount of choice, but there’s no denying the platform offers the greatest variety of dishes on our list.

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    4. Hello Fresh

    Hello Fresh was founded back in 2011, making it one of the most established meal kit services in the industry. It’s since risen to the top of the heap to become America’s number one meal delivery choice.

    Good for… Couples and small families
    Not good for… Picky eaters. There are some fun and interesting dishes on the menu with plenty of different herbs and spices. This means picky eaters might not enjoy some of the offerings.
    Avg. Meal Price $7.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 60 minute meal kits
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Roasted veggie farrow bowls
    • Ricotta tomato stuffed ravioli
    • One-pan cantina shrimp fajitas

    Hello Fresh offers a pretty flexible service, allowing users to skip weeks, swap meals, and cancel at any time.

    The Bottom Line

    Hello Fresh has a great price point, flavorful meals, good customer service, and a lot of flexibility. We’d rank it higher on our list but it doesn’t have quite as many seafood dishes as its rivals.

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    5. Marley Spoon

    Marley Spoon has curated the best recipes ever cooked up by Martha Stewart and users can draw on a back catalog of hundreds of tasty classics. Each week includes plenty of seafood and vegetarian dishes to sample too.

    Good for…

    Novice chefs

    Not good for… Breakfasts and lunches. Unfortunately, Marley Spoon only offers dinnertime options at the moment. You’ll still need to do some grocery shopping for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.
    Avg. Meal Price $8.99
    Prep & Cook Time 30 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Sweet and sticky salmon with roasted veggies and rice
    • Antipasto salad with prosciutto and mozarella
    • Pistachio-crusted tilapia with roasted broccoli, feta, and mint

    Marley Spoon is a great entry point for those that have almost no cooking skills. The easy-to-follow six-step recipes will have you cooking like the greats in no time.

    The Bottom Line

    The Marley Spoon menu changes every week and there’s always something exciting coming on. You’ll always be guaranteed a selection of vegetarian and seafood options, although the numbers may vary week on week.

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    How to Choose the Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Service

    • Ingredient sourcing -Many pescatarians are concerned about sustainable fishing and farming practices. Most meal delivery platforms display environmental credentials with pride, but it’s always worth checking where your ingredients are coming from before you sign up

    • Flexibility -Most platforms don’t have separate pescatarian menus, you’ll usually need to fill your diet out by mixing and matching between different plans to get a range of seafood and veggie dishes. Make sure your chosen platform doesn’t have rigid diets and lets you switch

    • Price -Going pescatarian doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, you can often save money by using a meal delivery service. Write down your typical weekly budget and see how it compares

    • Meal variety -We’re consistently impressed with just how much variety the industry is putting out these days. You’ll find a lot of innovative salmon, shrimp, and veggie meals out there so why not take a look at some of the full menus and see what jumps out at you


    Pescatarians are now well-served by the meal delivery industry and have more choices than ever before. We’d highly recommend taking advantage of one of the services on our list as a way to get healthy, delicious meals in the most convenient way possible. 

    In most cases, you might have to do a little mixing of menus, but most platforms allow full flexibility of meal selections and you shouldn’t run into any real trouble. Plus, with services to suit all budgets you’re almost guaranteed to find some tasty dishes to add to your pantry.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What Resitrcitons are There in the Pescatarian Diet?

    Essentially, you can’t eat any red meat or poultry, everything else is OK.

    Will I Be Protein Deficient on a Pescatarian Diet?

    No. You can still eat plenty of protein-rich seafood as well as other animal products like cheese and eggs. Plus, you’d be surprised how many protein-packed veggies you can find too.

    Do I Need to Consult an Expert Before Starting the Pescatarian Diet?

    No. Unless you’ve got specific weight loss or other health goals to meet, feel free to jump right in.