Best High Protein Meal Delivery Services 2021

    Despite being one of the most important nutrients to our daily diets, most Americans simply aren’t getting enough protein. To help the nation get the nutrition it needs, our foodie experts have searched the meal delivery industry to find the best high-protein platforms. Read on to discover those with the greatest taste, the lowest price, and the most attentive customer service. 

    Best High Protein Meal Delivery Services 2021
    Written By: Kazi

    Protein is vital for cell growth and maintenance of tissue as well as helping to keep blood sugars stable. Plus, it’s essential for anyone looking to build muscle at the gym. Meal delivery services remove all the hassle involved in ensuring you’re getting enough daily protein in your diet with meal plans designed around maximum convenience. In our list, we’ve found the best that both prepared meals and meal kits have to offer. 

    Overall Best High Protein Prepared Meal Delivery Services
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

    Overall Best High Protein Meal Kit Delivery Services
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

    Overall Best High Protein Prepared Meal Delivery Services
    Prepared meal services feature dishes that are ready to heat and eat upon arrival. The dishes are chilled or frozen, and will last in the fridge for around one week.

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    Starting price

    $8.49 / per serving
    • 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week
    • Cooked in under three minutes
    • Shipping varies based on location
    • Traditional home cooking
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Keto Keto
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    Overall Best High Protein Meal Kit Delivery Services
    A meal kit is a box of fresh ingredients that you’ll prepare yourself at home. Each meal kit comes with a detailed set of cooking instructions and is designed for both rookie and experienced chefs alike.

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    Starting price

    $6.99 / per serving
    • 2, 3, or 4 meals per week for either 2 or 4 people
    • Cooked in 20 - 40 minutes
    • Shipping is $6.99
    • Clean eating, healthy and organic meals
    • Healthy Healthy
    • Kids Meal Kids Meal
    • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    • Vegan Vegan
    • Low Carb Low Carb
    • Low Calorie Low Calorie
    • Dairy Free Dairy Free
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    The Factors We Use to Rank Top High-Protein Meal Service Providers

    • Average meal cost – A lot of high-protein dishes contain meat which can tend to be a little bit more expensive than veggie meals. When we consider providers we look at the total overall costs and ensure we have options for families on a budget

    • Shipping regions – Not all meal delivery services can ship across the entire country yet and many are limited to the continental US only. We’ve tried to find those with the widest geographical shipping range possible, but it’s often tough to find services that deliver to Alaska and Hawaii

    • Prep and cook time– Life is getting more hectic than ever and we think it’s important to find the platforms that offer maximum convenience. That being said, we’ve still found time to include a number of meal kits that let you spend a little more care and attention on your cooking if you’d like

    • Meal variety and type– Stacking up on protein every day can get a little dull for some, so we’ve picked out platforms that offer up a good amount of variety to keep even the fussiest eaters interested

    How Do High-Protein Prepared Meals and Meal Kits Work?

    • Prepared meals– All of the stress of meal preparation is handled by the provider. You’ll receive a selection of chilled or frozen meals each week which can be heated up in the microwave. Platforms these days are able to pack all the protein and micronutrients you need into every serving, offering a healthy and convenient alternative to making meals from scratch

    • Meal kits – The ideal choice for fans of cooking or those that are simply looking to try a new hobby. Each week you’ll receive a box of fresh ingredients and recipe cards. Simply follow the instructions to rustle up gourmet classics. Most kits are relatively straightforward to cook so beginners shouldn’t be put off.

    Best High-Protein Prepared Meal Delivery Services for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Freshly

    Freshly offers between four and 12 individual servings per week from a rotating menu of around 30 dishes. You’ll find plenty of protein-packed options with lots of dishes having more than 40g of the vital nutrient. 

    Good for… Convenience
    Not good for… Cumbersome packaging. While recyclable, Freshly’s packaging is quite bulky and a bit of a pain to clean up.
    Avg. Meal Price $9.99
    Prep & Cook Time Just a few minutes
    Shipping Cost Varies based on location
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Crave-no-more shepherd’s pie
    • Protein-packed chicken parm
    • Tricolor beef lasagne

    Not only do you get high protein here, Freshly goes out of its way to reduce sugar and processed ingredients, and all meals are cooked fresh.

    The Bottom Line

    Freshly is very reasonably priced, offers a good mix of dishes and is a great way to ensure you get your full recommended daily allowance of protein.

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    2. Fresh N Lean

    Fresh N Lean has been designed with gym-goers in mind and its meals have enough protein to help those looking to build muscle. With six plans to pick from you’re sure to get all of the nutrition you need.

    Good for… Fitness fanatics
    Not good for… Families. The meals here are very much geared towards individuals aiming to reach specific fitness goals and it’s not suitable for families.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.99
    Prep & Cook Time Two minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Zucchini and bell pepper frittata
    • Banana cinnamon pecan oatmeal
    • Tofu with coconut curry brown rice

    Fresh N Lean is a full lifestyle diet and every single meal of the week is covered.

    The Bottom Line

    The perfect choice for those looking for a protein boost for the gym. Users can even opt to try a specific bulking pack if they’re after the ultimate workout experience.

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    3. Splendid Spoon

    If meat isn’t your thing you might want to give Splendid Spoon a try. It offers 100% plant-based meals and has plenty of high-protein dishes. Simply apply the relevant filter and you’ll be told which of that week’s 25 options has the highest protein levels. 

    Good for… Those on the Weight Watchers diet
    Not good for… Budget shoppers. Splendid Spoon is a tad on the expensive side and it could get pricey for couples or families looking to cover every meal.
    Avg. Meal Price $10.99
    Prep & Cook Time 2 - 5 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Red curry noodles with sweet potato and Thai basil
    • Vegan meatballs and marinara noodles
    • Kale pesto noodles with roasted tomato and plant-based parmesan

    Splendid Spoon comes with the added benefit of all of its meals being tied to the Weight Watchers points system, meaning it’s a great choice for dieters too.

    The Bottom Line

    Vegans and vegetarians can sometimes struggle to get sufficient protein. Splendid Spoon solves this problem by offering a range of healthy, nutritious meals. Plus, you can even order a range of delicious smoothies to supplement your meals.

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    4. Trifecta

    Trifecta offers a nice balance between meat and plant-based dishes whilst ensuring each serving has the protein you need. It’s a little more expensive than other platforms but has a much more exciting variety of dishes. 

    Good for… Omnivores
    Not good for… Flexibility. Once you’ve chosen a plan you’re not able to mix and match from other menus and you can’t choose your dishes.
    Avg. Meal Price $109
    Prep & Cook Time Ready to eat
    Shipping Cost Up to 28 meals to choose from
    Shipping Regions The entire U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii
    Sample Meals
    • Garlic shrimp with zucchini
    • Mediterranean chicken platter
    • Vegan burrito bowl
    • Steak, brown rice and mixed veggies platter
    • Pineapple teriyaki chicken
    • Salmon chowder
    • Salmon, sweet potatoes and mixed veggies platter

    With Keto, paleo, vegetarian, and clean eating plans you’ve got plenty of choices to get your daily protein.

    The Bottom Line

    Trifecta has some of the most inventive and tastiest prepared meals we’ve ever tried. It’s a little more expensive than other platforms but you get all your meals covered for the week and a range of specialist diets are on offer.

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    5. Factor 75

    Factor 75 is focused entirely on good health and ensuring you get the nutrients you need. Meals are all chef-prepared and are of excellent quality. Plus, with nine dietary options to choose from you’re spoiled for choice. 

    Good for… Paleo dieters seeking variety
    Not good for… Vegetarians. Veggie options are a little thin on the ground here and you’ll have to dig through the menu to find them.
    Avg. Meal Price Around $12.50 per meal
    Prep & Cook Time Two - five minutes
    Shipping Cost Free shipping
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Blackened salmon
    • Italian beef
    • Italian sausage with peppers

    If the main meals aren’t quite enough for you, there are plenty of tasty extras to get your teeth into. You could try the keto cheesecake, a juice variety pack, and salted peanut energy bites to name a few.

    The Bottom Line

    Factor 75’s prepared meals are as close as you can get to a gourmet experience from a meal delivery service. Not only do the dishes taste great, but each also comes packed with micronutrients.

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    Best High-Protein Meal Kit Delivery Services for 2021

    Written By: Kazi

    1. Marley Spoon

    With menus devised by master chef Martha Stewart, Marley Spoon might just offer the most diverse range of dishes in the entire meal kit industry. The constantly rotating menu has hundreds of options and you’ll always find plenty of dishes with 20g – 40g of protein in them.

    Good for…

    Novice chefs

    Not good for… Add-ons. While the meals themselves are great, the add-ons can be a little lackluster. 
    Avg. Meal Price $8.99
    Prep & Cook Time 30 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Pan-roasted chicken and French fries
    • Butter-basted steak
    • West African style peanut chicken

    Customers are promised a near-endless supply of variety as Marley Spoon taps into decades of Martha Stewart’s best dishes. There are around 35 meals on the menu each week with a back catalog of hundreds of dishes that could appear.

    The Bottom Line

    For a combination of taste, price, and convenience it doesn’t get much better than Marley Spoon. Dishes are simple enough for beginners to cook but complex enough to allow for rich flavors.

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    2. Green Chef

    Green Chef is our top choice for families and the plans can feed households of four people each week. Meals are well balanced and broken down into keto, low-carb, vegetarian, and vegan. 

    Good for…


    Not good for… Flexibility. It’s not easy to choose meals from different plans. Once you’ve selected a category you’re usually set for that week.
    Avg. Meal Price $11.49
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost Costs scale with order size
    Shipping Regions Continental US only (excluding parts of Louisiana)
    Sample Meals
    • Baja shrimp
    • Pork with pineapple salsa with cauliflower rice
    • Cheesy Chimichurri turkey patties

    All of Green Chef’s recipes are organic, low-fat, high in protein, and packed with nutritious veg. It’s a great way to get the family eating healthy.

    The Bottom Line

    We’re consistently impressed with the quality of dishes on offer at Green Chef. Coupled with the fact that most meals can be ready in just 20 – 40 minutes and you’re onto a winner.  

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    3. Home Chef

    With the average meal price sitting at just $6.99 Home Chef represents incredible value for money. You can find its best protein-filled dishes on its low-carb menu, but there are also a few tasty options in its vegetarian package too. 

    Good for… People looking for customization options
    Not good for… Organic ingredients. Unfortunately, the platform isn’t yet 100% organic.
    Avg. Meal Price $6.99
    Prep & Cook Time 10 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost Varies by state, but free for orders of more than $45
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Tuscan farro ribollita
    • Chicken taco stuffed peppers
    • Sweet chili steak lettuce wraps

    The platform has recently introduced a range of 15-minute meals and prepared meal options for those looking for added convenience.

    The Bottom Line

    Home Chef offers a very dependable meal kit service. It’s a great choice for large families with up to six people catered for each week and it’s hard to argue with prices this low. 

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    4. Purple Carrot

    Purple Carrot is an alternative source of protein for vegans and vegetarians and all dishes are completely plant-based. 

    Good for… Vegans and vegetarians
    Not good for… Exciting flavors. While tasty, Purple Carrot isn’t known for its exotic or exciting dishes.
    Avg. Meal Price $11.99 for two people $9.99 for four people
    Prep & Cook Time 10 - 30 minutes
    Shipping Cost Free
    Shipping Regions Continental US only
    Sample Meals
    • Thai tempeh khao soi with bok choy and crispy onions
    • Roasted sweet potato and beluga lentils
    • Coconut tofu with crunchy date slaw and peanut sauce

    Purple Carrot offers up some interesting extras like peanut butter cups, vegan marshmallows, and vegan cheeses.

    The Bottom Line

    Purple Carrot is a very reliable way for vegans and vegetarians to get the protein they need. The dishes won’t set the world on fire but meals are tasty and filling.

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    5. EveryPlate

    EveryPlate is the ultimate budget meal kit starting at just $4.99 per serving. Its dishes are largely home-cooked classics and you’ll find plenty of dishes that contain between 30g – 40g of protein. 

    Good for… Lovers of classic cooking
    Not good for… Meal limits. The menu only covers up to five servings per person, per week so you’ll need to supplement your choices with trips to the grocery store if you want more.
    Avg. Meal Price $4.99
    Prep & Cook Time 20 - 40 minutes
    Shipping Cost $8.99
    Shipping Regions All 50 states
    Sample Meals
    • Sweet ‘n’ tangy cherry meatballs with roasted zucchini and garlic mashed potatoes
    • Smoky paprika pork chops with green beans and potato wedges
    • Cowboy skillet pie

    Not only are meals incredibly cheap, but they’re also easy to make too. Each dish can be prepped in just six steps.

    The Bottom Line

    EveryPlate offers a weekly rotating menu, low prices, flavorful dishes, and a fully flexible package. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to add more protein to their diet.

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    How to Choose the Best High-Protein Meal Delivery Service

    • High-Protein or Keto?– You might want to consider trying a keto diet if you’re interested in getting a lot of protein in your diet. Keto dramatically cuts down on carbs and has a number of reported health benefits. In fact, platforms will often let you mix and match between meal plans so it’s worth trying a few different menus

    • Sources of protein – While most high-protein diets source the majority of calories from meat and other animal products there are plenty of options for vegetarians too. Browse through some of the menus to see what each platform has to offer

    • Flexible subscriptions– It can be tough sticking to a full-time high-protein diet so it’s important to find a service with a flexible subscription. Try to sign up for one that allows you to pause whenever you need to and offers a good range of meal selections each week

    • Customer service– Being able to contact your meal kit provider is important, especially when you have issues with your delivery or need to amend an order. Each platform has a mix of contact methods, including phone, live chat, and email. Pick one that has your preferred method


    Whether you want more protein in your diet to help with your gym workouts or are simply looking to sign up for a healthier diet, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a meal delivery service that fits your needs and lifestyle. There are platforms that cater to just about every conceivable specialist diet and each one offers enough flexibility for you to try it out to see if you like it. Why not sample a few different services from our list and discover a whole new world of flavor?


    Will a High-Protein Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

    It’s possible as many high-protein diets are very low in carbs. However, if weight loss is your goal we’d recommend speaking to a physician before starting a new diet plan.

    Are High-Protein Diets All Meat-Based?

    Not at all. There are now a number of platforms that offer high-protein diets that are 100% plant-based and the vegan and vegetarian markets are well catered for.

    Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

    It’s possible, but certainly quite difficult. You’d need to consume around 356g of protein per day before you started to notice any negative effects.