About Meal Delivery Services

    At Mealdeliveryservices.com, it’s our mission to research every meal kit that’s out there, helping you and all our other readers make the most informed decision on who to trust with breakfast and dinner. Between the affordable and the most vegan-friendly, you’ll get all the answers you need right here on our website. 

    About Meal Delivery Services

    The Problem We Solve

    We created this site because we’re all too familiar with that classic catch-22: you want to have healthy, homecooked, sitdown meals with the family, but finding the time, what with work, looking after the kids, studying, and other responsibilities, isn’t all too easy. So instead of eating junk food and the same old boring mac ‘n’ cheese, we explored what meal kits have to offer and decided to share our knowledge for those in the same boat we once were. 

    Our Meal Review Process

    You can count on our review process to get all the answers you need and make an informed decision. We start each review the best way possible – by trying out a service for ourselves. After exploring the meal options on offer, both readymade options and the ones that require us to cook. 

    Alongside the taste and quality of ingredients, we look at other important factors like price, the efficiency of delivery, the quality of the packaging, and the reliability of the customer service teams.

    Why Trust Us?

    You can trust us because we’re just like you – people in need of a decent meal that want to know which meal kit service they can trust. We don’t offer special treatment to any brands above others and our reviews are entirely unbiased, so you know you can count on the words and opinions of our team of writers. All information we include is honest.